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The International Handbook of Medical Science
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In this section items of information relevant to t~e everyday practice of medicine are included. For the results of laboratory tests readers are referred to an earlier section of the book. Diets suggested in the section on Therapy of Common Diseases are included here as are weight, height, obstetric and therapeutic tables. The incubation periods of some common and serious infectious diseases complete this reference section. DffiTS Free diet (Diet devised by Dr. D. Craddock. Reproduced with the permission of the author and publishers, Messrs. E. S. Livingstone.) 1. Eat and drink as much as you like of the following: LEAN MEAT, including poultry and offal. FISH EGGS CHEESE SALADS VEGETABLES FRESH FRUIT or fruit bottled without sugar, but not dried or tinned fruit. BUTTER, margarine and cooking fat. CONDIMENTS, Sour pickles, thin soups, Worcestershire sauce. TEA, coffee, Oxo, Bovril. SACCHARINE for sweetening. 2. You may have: (a) ! pint of fresh milk daily (This includes all milk taken in tea, coffee, etc.). (b) Up to 3 oz. of reducing bread, or crisp bread, or six Energen rolls daily. (c) One or two small potatoes per helping. 801 I.H.M.S.-27 The International Handbook of Medical Science 3. You may have nothing else whatever. Note especially that this means: No bread (except as above), biscuits (dry or sweet), cake or pastry. No sausages, macaroni, spaghetti, rice, cereals, thick sauces. No sugar, syrup, chocolate, sweets, cocoa, honey, jam (except diabetic). No alcoholic drink.


Section A: Recent Advances in Medical Science.- Recent Advances in the Study of Cancer Immunity.- Recent Advances in Prostaglandin Research.- Recent Advances in the Treatment of Infertility.- Section B: A Concise Guide to Modern Treatment.- Drugs in Current Use.- A Guide to the Therapy of Common Diseases.- Common Emergencies.- Current Trends in Laboratory Investigations.- A Guide to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.- A Guide to Modern Contraceptive Practice.- A Guide to the Treatment of Tropical Diseases in Non-Tropical Countries.- A Guide to Adolescent Care.- A Guide to Diagnosis by Electrocardiography with Special Reference to Coronary Thrombosis.- Section C: Useful Information.- Height, Weight and Obstetric Tables and Dietary Information.


ISBN-13: 9789401178785
Publisher: Springer (Springer Netherlands)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 832
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Subcategories: General Practice


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