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Obesity Cure
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At last, a breakthrough in nutritional science that identifies both the cause and solution of obesity, America's Number 1 metabolic disease. Using a lifetime of scientific achievement and clinical insight, Nobel associate and author, Dr George Scheele, explains how to use nature's gift -- Power Amino Acids(r) -- to avoid "addictive taste disorders" and harness the body's own feedback mechanisms to tame appetite, rebalance metabolism, and normalise body weight. Dr Scheele shows that obesity is only one in a spectrum of metabolic diseases associated with the Metabolic Syndrome and accelerated ageing. He demonstrates how the current "paradoxes" of obesity and metabolic health prove that something essential is missing in our current understanding of nutritional health and weight control. This book identifies the missing "piece" as Power Amino Acids. These essential ingredients have the ability to correct deficiencies in the food chain, including positively-charged amino acids, proteins, and metabolic pathways that adversely affect satiety, metabolic health, and body weight.


Preface; Introduction; Environment: Modern and Early Holocene; Hunter-Gatherer Land Use, Lithic Technology, and Late Paleoindian Occupation of the Project Area; Projectile Point Analysis Procedure; Late Paleoindian Projectile Point Typology in the Western United States; Late Paleoindian Projectile Points: Typological Variability; Late Paleoindian Projectile Points: Raw Material Variability; Late Paleoindian Projectile Points: Qualitative Technological Variability; Late Paleoindian Projectile Points: Quantitative Technological Variability; Late Paleoindian Projectile Points: Condition and Reworking; Discussion and Conclusions.


ISBN-13: 9780982570821
Publisher: NovaLife
Publication date: July, 2012
Pages: 304
Dimensions: 241.00 x 165.00 x 18.00
Weight: 476g
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Subcategories: Eating Disorders


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