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Lean and Six Sigma Principles and Decision-Making in Healthcare
A Guide for Integrating Continuous Improvement
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The healthcare industry is at a pivotal point in making change. More often than not, healthcare leaders make decisions thinking using a variety of different methods, but inconsistency in decision-making impacts the quality and how well these decisions are made. Lean and Six Sigma principles and tools can be utilized to streamline the decision-making as well as improve the quality of the decisions that are made in healthcare environments. This book covers the basis of how decision are typically made, the fallacies of these methods, and how Lean and Six Sigma tools and principles can be used to improve the decision making process in healthcare.


1: Introduction * Decision-making in healthcare * Basics of continuous improvement 2: The Need for Better Decision-Making in Healthcare * Where decisions are made in healthcare * Who makes the decisions in healthcare * What methods are used to make decisions in healthcare * The issues with the current decision-making methods 3: A Lean & Six Sigma Model to Making Decisions in Healthcare * Tools to identify the problem/need for decisions * Tools to determine root cause/understand the need * Tools to develop potential solutions/alternatives * Methods to select and implement the appropriate solution(s)/Alternative(s) * Importance of metrics * Importance of sustaining the decision * A proposed model from start to end in decision-making 4: Case Studies to Demonstrate Value * Case #1 * Case #2 * Case #3 * Implications and benefits of a Lean and Six Sigma model to making decisions in healthcare 5: Conclusion Appendices: * Lean glossary * Six Sigma glossary * Templates for Lean tools * Templates for Six Sigma tools * Details on Case Study #1 * Details on Case Study #2 * Details on Case Study #3


ISBN-13: 9781138032880
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press)
Publication date: December, 2018
Pages: 250
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Subcategories: General Practice


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