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ISE Williams' Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport
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Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport uses a question-answer approach, which is convenient when you may have occasional short periods to study, such as riding a bus or during a lunch break. In addition, the questions are arranged in a logical sequence, the answer to one question often leading into the question that follows. Where appropriate, cross-referencing within the text is used to expand the discussion. No deep scientific background is needed for the chemical aspects of nutrition and energy expenditure,as these have been simplified. Instructors who use this book as a course text may add details of biochemistry as they feel necessary.


1. Introduction to Nutrition for Health, Fitness, and Sports Performance 2. Healthful Nutrition for Fitness and Sport3. Human Energy 4. Carbohydrates: The Main Energy Food 5. Fat: An Important Energy Source during Exercise 6. Protein: The Tissue Builder 7. Vitamins: Fat-Soluble, Water-Soluble, and Vitamin-LikeCompounds 8. Minerals: The Inorganic Regulators 9. Water, Electrolytes and Temperature Regulation 10. Body Weight and Composition for Health and Sport 11. Weight Maintenance and Loss through Proper Nutrition and Exercise 12. Weight Gaining through Proper Nutrition and Exercise 13. Nutritional Supplements and Ergogenic AidsAppendix A-Energy Pathways of Carbohydrate,Fat, and Protein Appendix B-Determination of Healthy Body Weight Appendix C-Units of Measurement: English System-Metric System Equivalents Appendix D-Approximate Energy Expenditure (Kcal/Min)by Body Weight Based on the Metabolic Equivalents(METs) for Physical Activity Intensity


ISBN-13: 9781260547672
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (McGraw-Hill Education)
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 640
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Subcategories: General Practice


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