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Is There a Duty to Die?
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Leading philosophers and bioethicists revisit the disturbing question raised in 1987 by Dr. Margaret Battin: Is there is "a duty to die" in order to guarantee a just cross-generational distribution of limited health care resources? The essays collected here-including a new article by Dr. Battin-discuss the topic in-depth, providing a critical review of the literature and many new arguments. The debate includes not only those who support such a "duty" and those who say such a "duty" cannot be denied, but also those who doubt such a "duty to die" exists or question whether-if it did exist- it could be implemented without severe problems. Is There a Duty to Die? offers a balanced discussion across a wide range of opinions on the meaning of "duty to die," examining every sort of argument for and against the idea. Medical ethicists, and those concerned with end-of-life care, including the hospice community, hospitals, lawyers, legislators, jurists, public-policy makers, and religious leaders, will find it essential reading.


Global Life Expectancies and the Duty to Die Margaret P. Battin Is There a Duty to Die? Jan Narveson Do We Have a Duty to Die? Marilyn Bennett The Duty to Die: A Contractarian Approach Robert E. Ehman Rule Utilitarianism and the Right to Die Michael Almeida The Nature, Scope, and Implications of a Personal Moral Duty to Die Paul T. Menzel Analyzing the Moral Duty to Die J. Angelo Corlett Duty to Die Rosemarie Tong How Could There Be a Duty to Die? David Drebushenko Do We Ever Have a Duty to Die? Susan Leigh Anderson Grandma, the GNP, and the Duty to Die Judith Lee Kissell Dying for Others: Family, Altruism, and a Duty to Die Ryan Spellecy


ISBN-13: 9781617371875
Publisher: Springer (Humana Press Inc.)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 232
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