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Extreme Weather Events and Public Health Responses
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Cooperation between WHO, European Commission, European Environment Agency and European Public Health Association

27 experts from many European countries

Country case studies and presentations

Very topical themes following floods in 2002 and heat waves 2003

Practical conclusions for implementing future safeguards against natural disasters

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In February 2004, the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the European Environment Agency organized an expert meeting to exchange information and develop recommendations on public health and environmental responses to weather and climate extremes, floods, heat-waves and cold spells. The meeting was kindly hosted by the Ministry of Health of Slovakia. The meeting recommendations were adopted at the Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, Budapest, Hungary, 2004.

This book reflects a collection of case studies and experiences of experts, ministries and international organizations. It gives an overview of various topics, such as:

- Will climate change alter climate variability?

- The 2003 European heat-wave

- The health impacts of temperature extremes

- Public health responses to temperature extremes

- The health impacts of floods

- Case studies on health system responses to extreme events


1. The Climate Dilemma A. Navarra 2. Projected Changes in Extreme Weather and Climate Events in Europe? G.R. McGregor, D. Stephenson, C. Ferro 3. Is the Frequency and Intensity of Flooding Changing in Europe Z.W. Kundzewicz 4. Bio-climatological Aspects of Summer 2003 Over France J.-C. Cohen, J.-M. Veysseire, P. Bessemoulin 5. Improving Public Health Responses to Extreme Weather Events K. L. Ebi 6. Cold Extremes and Impacts on Health J. Hassi 7. Temperature Regulation, Heat Balance and Climatic Stress G. Havenith 8. Health Impact of the 2003 Heat Wave in France S. Vandentorren, P. Empereur-Bissonnet 9. Portugal, Summer 2003 Mortality: the Heat Waves Influence R. Calado, J. Botelho, Judite Catarino, M. Carreira 10. The Effects of Temperature and Heat Waves on Daily Mortality in Budapest, Hungary, 1970 – 2000 A. Paldy, J. Bobvos, A. Vámos, S. Kovats, S. Hajat 11. Epidemiologic Study of Mortality During Summer 2003 in Italian Regional Capitals: Results of a Rapid Survey S. Conti, G. Minelli, R. Solimini, V. Toccaceli, M. Vichi, C. Beltrano, L. Perini 12. Heat Waves in Italy: Cause Specific Mortality and the Role of Educational Level and Socio-Economic Conditions P. Michelozzi, F. de’Donato, L. Bisanti, A. Russo, E. Cadum, M. DeMaria, M. D’Ovidio, G. Costa, C.A. Perucci Response to Temperature Extremes 13. Lessons of the 2003 Heat Wave in France and Action Taken to Limit the Effects of Future Heat Waves T. Michelon,P. Magne, F. Simon-Delavelle 14. Examples of Heat Health Warning Systems: Lisbon’s ÍCARO’s Surveillance System, Summer of 2003 P.J. Nogueira 15. Lessons from the Heat Wave Epidemic in France (Summer 2003) L. Abenhaim 16. How Toronto and Montreal (Canada) Respond to Heat T. Kosatsky, N. King, B. Henry Flooding: The Impacts on Human Health 17. Lessons to be Learned from the 2002 Floods in Dresden, Germany D. Meusel, W. Kirch 18. The Human Health Consequences of Flooding in Europe: A Review S. Hajat, K. L Ebi, S. Kovats, B. Menne, S. Edwards, A. Haines 19. Mortality in Flood Disasters Z.W. Kundzewicz, W.J. Kundzewicz 20. Key Policy Implications of the Health Effects of Floods E. Penning-Rowsell, S. Tapsell, T. Wilson 21. Learning from Experience: Evolving Responses to Flooding Events in the United Kingdom M. McKenzie Hedger National Case-Studies on Health Care System Responses to Extreme Weather Events 22. Extreme Weather Events in Bulgaria for the Period 2001–2003 and Responses to Address Them R. Chakurova, L. Ivanov 23. 2002 – A Year of Calamities – The Romanian Experience A. Cristea 24. A System of Medical Service to assist the Population of Uzbekistan in the Case of Natural Catastrophes A.A. Khadjibayev, E. Borisova 25. Moscow Smog of Summer 2002. Evaluation of Adverse Health Effects V. Kislitsin, S. Novikov, N.


ISBN-13: 9783642063725
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 306
Weight: 601g
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Subcategories: General Practice


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From the reviews:

"Extreme weather events and public health responses documents prominent incidents discussed at an international meeting that took place in Bratislava on 9-10 February 2004 … . Experts from 25 countries outlined their experiences and resources in the field of extreme weather events and climate change. The book comprises a compilation of case studies from different countries. … it is a stimulating catalogue of information that can be recommended as a valuable resource for anyone contemplating carrying out much needed research in this field." (Manfred Wildner, Journal of Public Health, Vol. 14, 2006)