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Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology
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Main description:

The Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology (ESST) addresses the grand challenge for science and engineering today. It provides unprecedented, peer-reviewed coverage in more than 550 separate entries comprising 38 topical sections. ESST establishes a foundation for the many sustainability and policy evaluations being performed in institutions worldwide.

An indispensable resource for scientists and engineers in developing new technologies and for applying existing technologies to sustainability, the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology is presented at the university and professional level needed for scientists, engineers, and their students to support real progress in sustainability science and technology.

Although the emphasis is on science and technology rather than policy, the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology is also a comprehensive and authoritative resource for policy makers who want to understand the scope of research and development and how these bottom-up innovations map on to the sustainability challenge.


Provides unprecedented peer-reviewed coverage of sustainability science and technology with contributions from nearly 1,000 of the world’s leading scientists and engineers

Edited by renowned Encyclopedia editor Robert Meyers with guidance from an Advisory Board of Nobel Laureates, a Crafoord Prize winner, and other prominent experts

Addresses the grand challenge for science and engineering today

Establishes a foundation for the many sustainability and policy evaluations being performed in institutions worldwide

Written in an authoritative yet accessible style for readers from undergraduate students through non-specialist professionals


Air Pollution Sources, Statistics and Health Effects: Animal Breeding and Genetics for Food Production.- Batteries: Climate Change Mitigation.- Climate Change Modeling Methodology: Crop Science and Technology, Earth System Monitoring (Global Earth Observation System), Ecological Systems.- Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles.- Environmental Radioactivity and Ecotoxicology of Radioactive Substances.- Environmental Toxicology: Fossil Fuels, Fossil Fuel Electric Power Stations, Fresh Water Resources, Water Purification and Desalinization.- Fuel Cells Science and Technology: Geoenvironmental Engineering, Geothermal Power Stations.- Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering: Hazardous Waste Characterization and Disposal, Hydrogen Production Science and Technology, Infectious Diseases Science and Technology, Intelligent Vehicles Technology, Mass Transit Science and Technology.- Nuclear Energy: Ocean Energy, Ocean Farming and Sustainable Aquaculture Science and Technology.- Oceans and Human Health, Photovoltaics.- Renewable Energy From Biomass.- Soil and Groundwater Pollution and Remediation.- Solar Radiation (Solar Insolation): Solar Thermal Energy, Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling, Sustainable Built Environment.- Sustainable Landscape Design and Green Roof Science and Technology.- Transgenic Livestock for Food Production.- Transport and Fate of Chemicals in the Environment: Transport Electrical Transmission Systems and Smart Grids, Waste to Energy, Wind Power.


ISBN-13: 9781441908520
Publisher: Springer (Springer New York)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 12680
Availability: Available
Subcategories: General Practice
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From the reviews:

“The entries are long, well written, thoroughly researched and carefully documented. … Many entries contain very useful and clear diagrams and images to help explain concepts. … The Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology is an impressive work in both breadth and depth. This is an area of wide interest and exponential growth of knowledge. … It will be highly useful for collections serving postgraduate populations in fields related to sustainability.” (Alisa Mizikar, Reference Reviews, Vol. 27 (8), 2013)