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What Works for Whom?, Second Edition
A Critical Review of Treatments for Children and Adolescents
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Main description:

The standard reference in the field, this acclaimed work synthesizes findings from hundreds of carefully selected studies of mental health treatments for children and adolescents. Chapters on frequently encountered clinical problems systematically review the available data, identify gaps in what is known, and spell out recommendations for evidence-based practice. The authors draw on extensive clinical experience as well as research expertise. Showcasing the most effective psychosocial and pharmacological interventions for young patients, they also address challenges in translating research into real-world clinical practice. New to This Edition * Incorporates over a decade of research advances and evolving models of evidence-based care. * New chapter topic: child maltreatment. * Separate chapters on self-injurious behavior, eating disorders, and substance use disorders (previously covered in a single chapter on self-harming disorders). * Expanded chapters on depression, anxiety, and conduct disorder. * Includes reviews of the burgeoning range of manualized psychosocial "treatment packages" for children.


1. Introduction 2. Anxiety Disorders 3. Depressive Disorders 4. Disturbance of Conduct in Children under 11 Years of Age 5. Disturbance of Conduct in Adolescents 6. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 7. Tourette Syndrome 8. Psychotic Disorders 9. Pervasive Developmental Disorders 10. Self-Injurious Behavior 11. Eating Disorders 12. Substance Use Disorders 13. Children with Physical Symptoms 14. Specific Developmental Disorders 15. Child Maltreatment 16. Summary of Findings and Discussion References Index


ISBN-13: 9781462516360
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Guilford Publications)
Publication date: October, 2014
Pages: 610

Subcategories: Paediatrics and Neonatal, Pharmacology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotherapy