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The Medical School Interview
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Main description:

This completely unique book will reveal the secrets of the admissions committee, what they are looking for and how to convince them that you will be the best medical student they have ever accepted. This information will benefit anyone facing a medical school interview, especially if you are a little unsure of your GPA or MCAT scores. You will learn a system that will prepare you for almost any question an interviewer throws at you. Learn how to fulfill your dream and succeed in the final and most important step of getting into medical school: the interview!

The benefits inside this book:
- explanations of the admissions committee process and their agendas
- 3 things you must convey during every interview
- approaches to your personal statement
- an Inventory Checklist designed to help you gather the personal information you need to build a foundation
- actual interview examples of what to do and what not to do
- step-by-step process for preparing your responses
- 7 "high yield" questions you will almost certainly face in every interview with explanations and examples of how to address them
- humorous and insightful experiences from applicants in: "Tales from the Trail"
- 5 Pearls: fundamental principles that will help you accomplish your goal
- **more than 30 actual questions used by admissions committees**


ISBN-13: 9780977955916
Publisher: Shift 4 Publishing (Shift 4 Publishing, LLC)
Publication date: March, 2006
Pages: None

Subcategories: General Issues, Medical Study and Teaching Aids