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Main description:

Teledermatology allows a dermatologist to diagnose a wide range of conditions via the communications industry, thus allowing a specialist to review a patient's condition from miles away while minimizing time and travel. This book focuses on the practical aspects of teledermatology implementation while providing a comprehensive treatment of the topic. Discussions include: business models and reimbursement issues; the current status of teledermatology research; the integration of teledermatology into dermatology residency training programs; ethical considerations; confidentiality issues; and the "art of teledermatology." It explores the technical aspects of teledermatology and describes the differences between live interactive techniques and store and forward techniques. It provides both novice and seasoned teledermatologists with comprehensive and practical information. Many of the chapter authors are among the world experts in teledermatology and have developed successful and viable programs. The knowledge presented here is based on the lessons they have learned in the course of teledermatology development.


1. Introduction Hon Pak, Karen Edison and John Whited; 2. Teledermatology modalities John Whited, Hon Pak and Karen Edison; 3. Utilization survey Anne Burdick and Shasa Hu; 4. Review of literature John Whited; 5. Policies, barriers, and other issues to consider Joe Kvedar, Karen Rheuban and Karen Edison; 6. Business models Hon Pak, Marc Goldyne and Gail Barker; 7. Reimbursement models Karen Edison and Hon Pak; 8. Steps to starting a new teledermatology program Joe Tracy, Karen Edison and Hon Pak; 9. Teledermatology's impact on ethics David Fleming; 10. Teledermatology in dermatology residency Anne Burdick, Kimberly A. Sackheim and Daniel Siegel; 11. Art of teledermatology Hon Pak and Karen Edison.


ISBN-13: 9780511380907
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: March, 2008
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 152.00 x 228.00 x 10.00

Subcategories: Dermatology