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Succeeding in the GPST Stage 3 Selection Centre
Practice Scenarios for GP ST / GP VTS Stage 3 Assessments
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Main description:

"Succeeding in the GPST Stage 3 Selection Centre" is an in-depth guide to help doctors fully prepare for the different tasks that comprise this stage of the GPST Selection process. This up-to-date resource provides detailed explanation of the aims of each of the tasks you will be faced with, what they entail and the various principles that can be employed to increase your chances of success. In this book, which has been written by experts with firsthand experience in this assessment, the following are addressed: detailed description of the consultation and prioritisation tasks and how to approach them; cross reference to the person specification and mark scheme - describing what the selectors are looking for, and the different ways to approach the tasks; ten practice scenarios for each of the tasks to reinforce your learning together with detailed discussion of possible answers for each scenario; Personal Perspectives - with tips from individuals who have successfully completed the selection process; and, discussion of the key concepts and terms that you will be faced with including amongst others significant event analysis and GP contracts.
Written by GPs who have first-hand experience of the process, this guide is a must have resource for any doctor serious about succeeding in their application to the GPST training scheme. "I have tried courses and other books and did not pass last year for GPVTS Stage 3. This time I practised the scenarios in this book with friends and made it through. It not only tells you how to say things but gives you real examples of what to say in the real exam and what to write in the prioritisation exercises. My honest opinion now is that courses are a waste of time. Use this book and practise all the examples with three other friends and you'll know what I mean". (Amazon reader review). "I have found the book best guidance for Stage 3 GP assessment. It contains valuable information about the assessment and many examples of all the 3 parts of the exam". (Amazon reader review).


ISBN-13: 9781472729071
Publisher: BPP Learning Media
Publication date: November, 2011
Pages: 392

Subcategories: General Practice, Medical Study and Teaching Aids