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Sober Dad
The Manual for Perfectly Imperfect Parenting
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Main description:

Admit it. You've been looking for that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show everyone the great man you know you are. Well, congratulations. That moment is here. You are a parent (or you're about to become one). A father! A sober dad. If the word sober led you to pick up this book, you are on the right track. You know you want to be a sober dad. Physically sober. Emotionally sober. Here's your guide to giving up being a "guy" and to becoming a better man, so that you become a better dad. You aren't going to get everything right. Everything isn't going to be perfect. Perfectly imperfect is okay. Your role as a dad will last a lifetime. You'll soon see that perfection isn't the point. Showing up, being present, getting up, and trying again with your eyes wide open and crystal clear-that's what counts. That's what separates the guys from the sober dads. Those are the things your kids will remember.


* A Note from Sober Dad on Anonymity & the Use of the Name God* An Invitation* Chapter 1: "You Might Not Have Had a Happy Childhood, but You Sure Are Having a Long One"* Chapter 2: Just Because They Were Lousy Parents Doesn't Give You the Right to Be a Lousy Son* Chapter 3: If Marriage Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It Well* Chapter 4: The Complicated Territory of Parenthood and Your Relationship* Chapter 5: How to Fight with Your Wife When She's Pregnant or Recently Became a Mom* Chapter 6: Knowing Where She Ends and Where You Begin* Chapter 7: Cracking the Baby Code* Chapter 8: Talking with Your Kids about God* Chapter 9: A Perfectly Imperfect Dad* Chapter 10: Dads and Discipline* Chapter 11: Setting Limits-First on Yourself, Then on Your Kids* Chapter 12: How Do You Talk about Your Kid?* Chapter 13: School Daze: Should You Pay Your Kid to Get A's?* Chapter 14: Me, Myself, and Money* Chapter 15: Should You Leave Your Teens to Their Own Devices?* Chapter 16: How Much Truth Do You Tell Your Kids?* Chapter 17: And Finally ... an Ode to Joy* Acknowledgements* About the Author


ISBN-13: 9781616497019
Publisher: Eurospan (Hazelden Information & Educational Services)
Publication date: March, 2017
Pages: 200

Subcategories: Addictions and Therapy