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Raising Teens Today
Dealing With Sex, Drugs and Homework
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Excellent advice for parenting teenagers from a highly experienced psychologist and a counsellor.Many parents feel anxious about coping with teenagers - it's not surprising given all the horror stories you hear. Other parents warn us of previously docile and compliant children who appear to have undergone personality changes and become more like mini psychopaths - turning sullen, rebellious and moody overnight. You hear reports of drugs, alcohol, violence, youth suicide, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and road accidents regularly.Parenting teenagers brings a whole raft of new issues and challenges to every parent, and this book gives you practical ideas and information so you can face those challenges with confidence. Communication becomes more crucial than ever when dealing with teens and these authors are especially strong on family dynamics, building better relationships, sorting out your own issues and improving communication. They help you distinguish between normal and problem behaviours, give ways to avoid problems and negotiate difficult issues plus lots of practical ideas for dealing with common issues. On top of that, there's lots of encouragement for stressed or overwhelmed parents, advice about taking care of yourself and examples of success stories. The book Includes great tips from teens themselves! Foreword by Andrew Becroft, New Zealand's Principal Youth Court Judge.


ISBN-13: 9781869794354
Publisher: Random House (RHNZ Adult ebooks)
Publication date: July, 2010
Pages: 272

Subcategories: Psychology