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Psychosynthesis Counselling in Action
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Main description:

Having sold over 15,000 copies since first publication, Psychosynthesis Counselling in Action is the definitive introduction to the principles and techniques of psychosynthesis. Pitched clearly and accessibly, it explains how the counsellor or psychotherapist can incorporate psychosynthesis into their own work with clients. Demonstrating the need for people to find a more positive meaning to their lives, Diana Whitmore guides the reader to 'selfhood' through the four main stages of the counselling journey. She explains the wide range of practical methods available to practitioners and how these can be tailored to different client needs. This updated Fourth Edition includes " 3 new chapters - a new case study and chapters on the application of psychosynthesis in the coaching field and work with young people " New content on positive psychology and the therapeutic relationship " Updated chapters on diagnosis and assessment and counselling process " Enhanced pedagogy and new case studies. The book is illustrated throughout with examples from practice, and includes an in-depth case study at the end.
It is vital reading for those seeking an introduction to psychosynthesis, as well as practitioners of other orientations who wish to incorporate this approach into their own therapeutic work.


Preface Introduction The Psychosynthesis Approach The Psychosynthesis Counsellor Basic Techniques of Psychosynthesis Counselling Diagnosis and Assessment The Initial Phase of Counselling The Middle Phase of Counselling The Transpersonal Dimension of Counselling The Final Phase of Counselling Nancy A Case History Further Reading References Appendix Index


ISBN-13: 9781446297216
Publisher: Sage Publications Limited (SAGE Publications Ltd)
Publication date: December, 2013
Pages: 280

Subcategories: Psychotherapy