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Practical Ambulatory Anesthesia
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Main description:

Practical Ambulatory Anesthesia covers all aspects of sedation, anesthesia, and pain relief for patients undergoing day (ambulatory) surgery. Written and edited by leading clinical anesthesiologists from the USA and Europe, it provides clear guidance on how to handle particular patients in particular situations. Comprehensive in scope, each chapter summarizes major studies and review papers, followed by practical advice based on the authors' and editors' clinical and scientific expertise. This combination of authoritative evidence-based guidance and personal advice ensures the reader benefits from the latest scientific knowledge and the authors' wealth of experience. Chapters discuss how to plan, equip and staff an ambulatory unit, pharmacology, key concepts of ambulatory care, pre- and post-operative issues, quality assurance, and current controversies. There are also dedicated chapters for topics including regional anesthesia for ambulatory surgery and pediatric ambulatory anesthesia. This text provides a much-needed comprehensive and evidence-based guide for clinical anesthesiologists.


Preface; 1. Introduction to ambulatory surgery and anesthesia Sherine Hanna, Neal A. Mehta and Johan Raeder; 2. Organization of ambulatory surgery and anesthesia Audrice Francois and Johan Raeder; 3. Patient and procedure selection Jennifer M. Banayan, Johan Raeder and Bobbie-Jean Sweitzer; 4. Pharmacology Claude Abdallah, Richard D. Urman and Johan Raeder; 5. Anesthetic techniques Niraja Rajan, Richard D. Urman and Johan Raeder; 6. Regional anesthesia for ambulatory surgery Ramprasad Sripada, Shuchita Garg and Johan Raeder; 7. Multimodal management of pain and post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) in ambulatory surgery Dawn Schell and Jaspreet Somal; 8. Practical recipes from start (preop) to finish (post discharge) Niraja Rajan, Srikantha Rao and Johan Raeder; 9. Postoperative care Sekar S. Bhavani; 10. Anesthetic techniques for subspecialty surgery Niraja Rajan, Srikantha Rao and Johan Raeder; 11. Pediatric anesthesia Fatima Ahmad; 12. Aesthetic surgery Fatima Ahmad; 13. Anesthesia for gastrointestinal endoscopy John E. Tetzlaff and Walter Maurer; 14. Management of emergencies in ambulatory setting Fatima Ahmad; 15. Office-based anesthesia Johann Patlak, Fred E. Shapiro, Johann Patlak, Fatima Ahmad and Richard D. Urman; 16. Controversies in ambulatory anesthesia Steven Butz; 17. Current and future trends in ambulatory anesthesia Steven Butz; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781316355145
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: July, 2015
Pages: None

Subcategories: Anaesthetics and Pain