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Philosophy and Psychiatry
Problems, Intersections and New Perspectives
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Main description:

This groundbreaking volume of original essays presents fresh avenues of inquiry at the intersection of philosophy and psychiatry. Contributors draw from a variety of fields, including evolutionary psychiatry, phenomenology, biopsychosocial models, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, neuroethics, behavioral economics, and virtue theory. Philosophy and Psychiatry's unique structure consists of two parts: in the first, philosophers write five lead essays with replies from psychiatrists. In the second part, this arrangement is reversed. The result is an interdisciplinary exchange that allows for direct discourse, and a volume at the forefront of defining an emerging discipline. Philosophy and Psychiatry will be of interest to professionals in philosophy and psychiatry, as well as mental health researchers and clinicians.


Preface. Introduction: Beyond the Philosophy of Psychiatry - Daniel Moseley and Gary Gala. Part 1: Psychiatric Diagnosis and Agency. Can What's in Your Head be All in Your Head? Possibilities and Problems of Psychological Symptom Amplification - Nicholas Kontos. Commentary on Kontos: The Hiddenness of Psychological Symptom Amplification - Justin Garson. How are Mental Disorders Different? - Marc Lange Commentary on Lange: How are Mental Incapacities Different? - Abraham Nussbaum. The Political Science of Psychiatric Diagnosis: A Moral Defense of the DSM - Warren Kinghorn. Commentary on Kinghorn: Evaluating Traditions in Psychiatry - Christian Perring. Free Will, Moral Responsibility and Mental Illness - Benjamin Kozuch and Michael McKenna. Commentary on Kozuch and McKena: Mental Illness, Moral Responsibility and Expression of the Self - Chandra Sripada. Part 2: Ethical Dimensions of Psychiatric Treatment. Coercion in Psychiatric Treatment and Its Justifications - George Szmukler. Commentary on Szmukler: Mental Illness, Dangerousness and Involuntary Civil Commitment - Ken Levy and Alex Cohen. Scrupulous Treatment - Jesse S. Summers and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong. Commentary on Summers and Sinnott-Armstrong: Scrupulosity and the Shady Morality of Psychiatry - Hanna Pickard. The Place of Ability to Value in the Evaluation of Decision-Making Capacity - Scott Kim. Commentary on Kim: Decision-Making Capacity and Value - Jennifer Hawkins. Fragments of the Self: Dissociation, Agency, and Integration - Franklin Worrell and Alison Denham. Commentary on Worrell and Denham: The Fragmented Sense of Self is an Epiphenomenon in Dissociative Disorders: Deactivation of Dissociative Processes in the Relationship with Self and Other - Richard Chefetz. Part 3: Philosophy Out of Psychiatry. Reproductive Steroids and Depression: The Brain in Context - David Rubinow. Commentary on Hardcastle: Seeing the Forest: The Social Determinants of Mental Health - Valerie Hardcastle. Blade Runner: Voight-Kampffed - C.D.C Reeve. Commentary on Reeve: Becoming Human, Ready or Not - Mardy Ireland.


ISBN-13: 9781317421993
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: September, 2015
Pages: 328

Subcategories: Psychiatry