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Personalized Epigenetics
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Main description:

Personalized Epigenetics discusses the core translatability of epigenetics to health management of individuals who have unique variations in their epigenetic signatures that can guide both disorder and disease prevention and therapy. The book details inter-individual variability in the major epigenetic process in humans consisting of DNA methylation, histone modifications, and noncoding RNA, and the diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic potential of the field, it also reviews the impact of the environment on epigenetic variations among individuals and the role of pharmacology and drug development in personalized epigenetics. Most importantly, the text covers personalized epigenetics from a disease-oriented perspective, presenting chapters that provide advances in widespread disorders or diseases, including diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and pain management.


Section I: Overview 1. Epigenetics of Personalized Medicine Section II: Epigenetic Variations Among Individuals 2. Inter-individual Variability of DNA Methylation 3. Differences in Histone Modifications Between Individuals 4. Individual Noncoding RNA Variations: Their Role in Shaping and Maintaining the Epigenetic Landscape 5. Personalized Epigenetics: Analysis and Interpretation of DNA Methylation Variation Section III: Bioinformatics of Personalized Epigenetics 6. Computational Methods in Epigenetics Section IV: Diagnostic and Prognostic Epigenetic Approaches to Personalized Medicine 7. Epigenetic Biomarkers in Personalized Medicine 8. Epigenetic `Fingerprint' 9. Epigenetics of Personalized Toxicology Section V: Environmental Personalized Epigenetics 10. Environmental Contaminants and their Impacts on the Epigenome 11. Nutriepigenomics: Personalized Nutrition Meets Epigenetics Section VI. Pharmacology and Drug Development of Personalized Epigenetics 12. Personalized Pharmacoepigenomics 13. Personalized Medicine and Epigenetic Drug Development Section VII: Personalized Epigenetics of Disorders and Disease Management 14. Epigenetics and Personalized Pain Management 15. Understanding Inter-individual Epigenetic Variations in Obesity and its Management 16. Epigenetic Modification of miRNAs in Cancer 17. Managing Autoimmune Disorders Through Personalized Epigenetic Approaches 18. Cardiovascular Diseases and Personalized Epigenetics Section VIII: Challenges and Future Directions 19. Future Challenges and Prospects for Personalized Epigenetics


ISBN-13: 9780128004364
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: May, 2015
Pages: 464

Subcategories: Genetics