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Pathology and Epidemiology of Cancer
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Main description:

This book integrates the disciplines of cancer pathology and epidemiology to provide a synergistic and complementary approach to understanding the molecular mechanisms of cancer. This book provides relevant information on the diagnostic, prognostic and predictive molecular pathology of cancer. Epidemiological studies, including descriptive epidemiology, risk factors and molecular mechanisms of disease inform on the etiology and progression of cancer. The text concentrates on major cancers that are currently prevalent and those for which substantial molecular, pathological and epidemiological data is available. Each section is designed to provide an overview of that cancer type in terms of basic biology, review the current epidemiological data surrounding that cancer type and provide information on common practices and challenges related to the molecular pathology of that cancer type. Several relevant techniques in molecular pathology, which facilitate diagnosis and treatment are also explored.
Pathology and Epidemiology of Cancer provides a succinct and comprehensive overview of multiple cancer types to guide clinicians during patient care and to guide scientists for innovations in research. It represents an integral resource for pathologists, epidemiologists, medical students as well as translational, basic and clinical science researchers who are all working to progress the field of cancer in terms of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.


Part 1 Basic Principles of Patho-Epidemiology Chapter 1 The Intersection of Epidemiology and Pathology Megan L. Mittelstadt, Edward L. Giovannucci, Lorelei Mucci, and Massimo Loda Chapter 2 Introduction to Histology Maura Brid Cotter and Massimo Loda Chapter 3 Introduction to Pathology Maura Brid Cotter and Massimo Loda Chapter 4 Basic Techniques in Molecular Pathology Matthew D. Stachler Chapter 5 Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology Mieke Van Hemelrijck and Lars Holmberg Chapter 6 Cancer Screening Lorelei Mucci, Kathryn M. Wilson, and Jennifer Rider Chapter 7 Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology of Cancer Kathryn L. Penney Chapter 8 Bioinformatic Analysis of Epidemiological and Pathological Data Svitlana Tyekucheva and Giovanni Parmigiani Part 2 Cancer Types Chapter 9 Epidemiology of Prostate Cancer Lorelei Mucci, Kathryn Wilson, and Edward L. Giovannucci Chapter 10 Pathology and Molecular Pathology of Prostate Cancer Nairi Tchrakian, Maura Brid Cotter, and Massimo Loda Chapter 11 Epidemiology of Breast Cancer Rulla M. Tamimi Chapter 12 Pathology and Molecular Pathology of Breast Cancer Caterina Marchio, Felipe C. Geyer, and Jorge S. Reis-Filho Chapter 13 Epidemiology of Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Kathryn L. Terry and Stacey A. Missmer Chapter 14 Pathology and Molecular Pathology of Uterine and Ovarian Cancers Eric C. Huang, David W. Kindelberger, and Luis Carvajal-Carmona Chapter 15 Brain Tumors - Epidemiology Ayal A. Aizer and Brian M. Alexander Chapter 16 Pathology and Molecular Pathology of Brain Cancer Keith L. Ligon, Kim Wilkinson, and Charles D. Stiles Chapter 17 Epidemiology of Renal Cell Carcinoma Alejandro Sanchez, Christopher B. Allard, Kathryn M. Wilson Chapter 18 Pathology and Molecular Pathology of Renal Cancer Sue Chang and Massimo Loda Chapter 19 Epidemiology of Lung Cancer Dimitra Repana and James Spicer Chapter 20 Pathology and Molecular Pathology of Lung Cancer Lucian R. Chirieac and Lester Kobzik Chapter 21 Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer NaNa Keum and Edward L. Giovannucci Chapter 22 Pathology and Molecular Pathology of Colorectal Cancer Emily Jean Poulin, Jeanne Shen, Jessica J. Gierut, and Kevin M. Haigis Sarah M. Rudman and Danielle J. Crawley Chapter 28 Bladder Cancer Elizabeth L. Kehr and Justine A. Barletta Chapter 29 Epidemiology of Hematologic Malignancies Julia L. Batista, Brenda M. Birmann, and Mara Meyer Epstein Chapter 30 Pathology and Molecular Pathology of Hematologic Malignancies Dinesh Rao and Jonathan Said Chapter 31 Epidemiology of Melanoma Sameer Gupta and Hensin Tsao Chapter 32 Pathology and Molecular Pathology of Melanoma Amrita Goyal and Lyn McDivitt Duncan


ISBN-13: 9783319351537
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: September, 2016
Pages: 700

Subcategories: General Issues, Oncology, Pathology