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Participatory Qualitative Research Methodologies in Health
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Main description:

This guide to the essentials of doing participatory methods in a broad range of health contexts covers all of the stages of the research process, from research design right through to dissemination. With chapters from international contributors, each with many years' experience using participatory qualitative approaches, it provides guidance on.
- Ethical issues in Participatory Research
- Designing and conduction Participatory Research projects
- Data management and analysis
- Researching with different populations
- New technologies
Packed full of up to date and engaging case studies, Participatory Qualitative Research Methodologies in Health offers a wide range of perspectives and voices on the practicalities and theoretical issues involved in conducting participatory research today. It is the ideal resource for students and researchers embarking upon a participatory research project.


Chapter 1: What is Participatory Research? Why do it? - Gina Higginbottom and Pranee LiamputtongChapter 2: Addressing Ethical Issues in PR: The Primacy of Relationship - Wendy Austin Chapter 3: Designing Participatory Research Projects - Helen Vallianatos, Emina Hadziabdic and Gina HigginbottomChapter 4: Data Management, Analysis and Interpretation - Gina HigginbottomChapter 5: Drawing Conclusions from Your Research - Gina Higginbottom and Sophie YohaniChapter 6: Engaging Older People in Participatory Research - Pranee Liamputtong and Gina HigginbottomChapter 7: Involving Children and Youth in Participatory Research - Diane Conrad, Bryan Hogeveen, Joanne Minaker, Mildred Masimira and Daena Crosby Chapter 8: Conceptualising Inclusive Research - A Participatory Research Approach with People with Intellectual Disability: Paradigm or Method? - Christine Bigby and Patsie FrawleyChapter 9: Diverse Ethno-cultural Groups and the Use of Participatory Research - Gina Higginbottom and Pranee LiamputtongChapter 10: The Relationship Between Engaged Scholarship, Knowledge Translation, and Participatory Research - Sarah Bowen Chapter 11: Community-University Partnerships: A Case Study - Sherry Ann ChapmanChapter 12: Information and Communications Technologies and the Potentials for Participatory Research - Chris Atchison


ISBN-13: 9781473927254
Publisher: Sage Publications Limited (SAGE Publications Ltd)
Publication date: June, 2015
Pages: 264

Subcategories: General Issues, Nursing