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Palgrave Handbook of Sociocultural Perspectives on Global Mental Health
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Main description:

This handbook incisively explores challenges and opportunities that exist in efforts aimed at addressing inequities in mental health provision across the globe. Drawing on various disciplines across the humanities, psychology, and social sciences it charts the emergence of Global Mental Health as a field of study. It critically reflects on efforts and interventions being made to globalize mental health policies, and discusses key themes relevant for understanding and supporting the mental health needs of people living in diverse socio-economical and cultural environments. Over three rich sections, the handbook critically engages with Global Mental Health discourses. To help guide future efforts to support mental health and wellbeing in different parts of the world, the third section of the handbook consists of case studies of innovative mental health policy and practice, which are presented from a variety of different perspectives.


PART I. Mental Health Across the Globe: Conceptual Perspectives from Social Science and Humanities. Chapter 1. Occupying Space: Mental Health Geography and Global Directions; Cheryl McGeachan & Chris Philo.- Chapter 2. Cross-Cultural Psychiatry and Validity in DSM-5; Tim Thornton.- Chapter 3. Historical Reflections on Mental Health and Illness: India, Japan, and the West; Christopher Harding.- Chapter 4. Reflecting on the Medicalization of Distress; Gavin Miller.- Chapter 5. Diverse Approaches To Recovery From Severe Mental Illness; Heather M. Aldersey, Ademola B. Adeponle & Robert Whitley.- Chapter 6. Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing; Sarah C. White & Carola Eyber.- Chapter 7. Global Mental Health and Psychopharmacology in Precarious Ecologies: Anthropological Considerations for Engagement and Efficacy; Janis H. Jenkins & Ellen Kozelka.- Chapter 8. Commentary on 'Mental Health Across the Globe: Conceptual Perspectives from Social Science and Humanities' section; Duncan Pedersen.- PART II. Globalising Mental Health: Challenges and New Visions.- Chapter 9. `Global Mental Health Spreads Like Bush Fire in the Global South':Efforts to Scale up Mental Health Services in Low and Middle-Income countries; China Mills & Ross G. White.- Chapter 10. Community Mental Health Competencies: A New Vision for Global Mental Health; Rochelle Burgess & Kaaren Mathias.- Chapter 11. Three Challenges to a Life Course Approach in Global Mental Health: Epistemic Violence, Temporality and Forced Migration; Charles Watters.- Chapter 12. Addressing Mental Health Related Stigma in a Global Context; Ross G. White, Padmavati Ramachandran & Shuba Kumar.- Chapter 13. The Effects of Societal Violence in War and Post-War Contexts; Hanna Kienzler & Peter Locke.- Chapter 14. Medical Pluralism and Global Mental Health; David M.R. Orr and Serena Bindi.- Chapter 15. Mental Health Law in a Global Context; Jill Stavert.- Chapter 16. Suicide in Low- and Middle-income Countries; Baffour Boaten Boahen-Boaten, Ross G. White & Rory C. O'Connor.- Chapter 17. Anthropology and Global Mental Health: Depth, Breadth, and Relevance; Catherine Panter-Brick & Mark Eggerman.- Chapter 18. Balancing the Local and the Global: Commentary on `Globalising Mental Health: Challenges and New Visions'; Crick Lund.- PART III. Case Studies of Innovative Practice and Policy.- Chapter 19. BasicNeeds: Scaling Up Mental Health and Development; Chris Underhill, Shoba Raja & Sebastian Farquhar.- Chapter 20. Voices from the Field: A Cambodian-Led Approach to Mental Health; Lucy Gamble.- Chapter 21. Synthesizing Global and Local Knowledge for the Development of Maternal Mental Health Care: Two Cases from South Africa; Sara Cooper, Simone Honikman, Ingrid Meintjes & Mark Tomlinson.- Chapter 22. Towards School-Based Interventions for Mental Health in Nigeria; Bolanle Ola & Olayinka Atilola.- Chapter 23. A Family-Based Intervention for People with a Psychotic Disorder in Nicaragua; Rimke van der Geest.- Chapter 24. The Distress of Makutu: Some Cultural-Clinical Considerations of Maori Witchcraft; Ingo Lambrecht. Chapter 25. Engaging Indigenous People in Mental Health Services in Australia; Timothy A. Carey & Dennis R. McDermott.- Chapter 26. Language, Measurement, and Structural Violence: Global Mental Health Case Studies from Haiti and the Dominican Republic; Hunter M. Keys & Bonnie N. Kaiser.- Chapter 27. Taking The Psychiatrist To School:The Development of a Dream-A-World Cultural Therapy Program for Behaviorally Disturbed and Academically Underperforming Primary School Children in Jamaica; Frederick W. Hickling.- Chapter 28. Brain Gain in Uganda: A Case Study of Peer Working as an Adjunct to Statutory Mental Health Care in a Low Income Country; Cerdic Hall, David Baillie, David Basangwa & Joseph Atukunda.- Chapter 29. commit and act in Sierra Leone; Corinna Stewart, Beate Ebert & Hannah Bockarie.- Chapter 30. Globalisation of Pesticide Ingestion in Suicides: An Overview from a Deltaic Region of a Middle-Income nation, India; Sohini Banerjee & Arabinda N Chowdhury.- Chapter 31. Mapping Difficult Terrains: The Writing of Policy on Mental Health; Alok Sarin & Sanjeev Jain.- Chapter 32. Mental Health in Primary Health Care: The Karuna Trust Experience; N S Prashanth, V S Sridharan, Tanya Seshadri, H Sudarshan, K V Kishore Kumar & R Srinivasa Murthy.- Chapter 33. Iswar Sankalpa: Experience with the Homeless Persons with Mental; Debashis Chatterjee & Sarbani Das Roy.- Chapter 34. Commentary on 'Case Studies of Innovative Practice and Policy' Section; Rachel Tribe.v>


ISBN-13: 9781137395108
Publisher: Macmillan Education (Palgrave Macmillan)
Publication date: February, 2017
Pages: 608

Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy, Pharmacology, Psychology, Public Health