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Organelle-Specific Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
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Main description:

This book introduces and discusses the latest in biomedical research--Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology appliedat the sub-cellular level.


Preface. Contributors. 1. An Introduction to Subcellular Nanomedicine: Current Trends and Future Developments ( Gerard G. M. D'Souza and Volkmar Weissig). 2. Delivery of Nanonsensors to Measure the Intracellular Environment ( Paul G. Coupland and Jonathan W. Aylott). 3. Cytoplasmic Diffi usion of Dendrimers and Dendriplexes ( Alexander T. Florence and Pakatip Ruenraroengsak). 4. Endocytosis and Intracellular Trafficking of Quantum Dot-Ligand Bioconjugates ( Tore-Geir Iversen, Nadine Frerker, and Kirsten Sandvig). 5. Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticle-Based Intracellular Biosensors and Therapeutic Agents ( Neil Bricklebank). 6. Subcellular Fate of Nanodelivery Systems ( Dusica Maysinger, Sebastien Boridy, and Eliza Hutter). 7. Intracellular Fate of Plasmid DNA Polyplexes ( Kevin Maier and Ernst Wagner). 8. Intracellular Trafficking of Membrane Receptor-Mediated Uptake of Carbon Nanotubes ( Bin Kang and Yaodong Dai). 9. Real-Time Particle Tracking for Studying Intracellular Transport of Nanotherapeutics ( Clive Chen and Junghae Suh). 10. Tracking Intracellular Polymer Localization Via Fluorescence Microscopy ( Simon C. W. Richardson). 11. Can QSAR Models Describing Small-Molecule Xenobiotics Give Useful Tips for Predicting Uptake and Localization of Nanoparticles in Living Cells? And If Not, Why Not? ( Richard W. Horobin). 12. Self-Unpacking Gene Delivery Scaffolds ( Millicent O. Sullivan). 13. Cellular Trafficking of Dendrimers ( Yunus Emre Kurtoglu and Rangaramanujam M. Kannan). 14. Endolysosomolytically Active pH-Sensitive Polymeric Nanotechnology ( Han Chang Kang and You Han Bae). 15. Uptake and Intracellular Dynamics of Proteins Internalized by Cell-Penetrating Peptides ( Arwyn T. Jones). 16. Cargo Transport by Teams of Molecular Motors: Basic Mechanisms for Intracellular Drug Delivery ( Melanie J. I. Muller, Florian Berger, Stegan Klumpp, and Reinhard Lipowsky). 17. The Potential of Photochemical Internalization (PCI) for the Cytosolic Delivery of Nanomedicines ( Kristian Berg, Anette Weyergang, Anders Hogset, and Pal Kristian Selbo). 18. Peptide-Based Nanocarriers for Intracellular Delivery of Biologically Active Proteins ( Seong Loong Lo and Shu Wang). 19. Organelle-Specific Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology: Active Cellular Transport of Submicro- and Nanoscale Particles ( Galya Orr). 20. Subcellular Targeting of Virus-Envelope-Coated Nanoparticles ( Jia Wang, Mohammad F. Saeed, Andrey A. Kolokoltsov, and Robert A. Davey). 21. Mitochondria-Targeted Pharmaceutical Nanocarriers ( Volkmar Weissig and Gerard G.M. D'Souza). 22. Cell-Penetrating Peptides for Cytosolic Delivery of Biomacromolecules ( Camilla Foged, Xiaona Jing, and Hanne Moerck Nielsen). 23. Therapeutic Nano-object Delivery to Subdomains of Cardiac Myocytes ( Valeriy Lukyanenko). 24. Design Parameters Modulating Intracellular Drug Delivery: Anchoring to Specific Cellular Epitopes, Carrier Geometry, and Use of Auxiliary Pharmacological Agents ( Silvia Muro and Vladimir R. Muzykantov). 25. Uptake Pathways Dependent Intracellular Trafficking of DNA Carrying Nanodelivery Systems ( Ikramy A. Khalil, Yuma Yamada, Hidetaka Akita, and Hideyoshi Harashima). 26. Cellular Interactions of Plasmon-Resonant Gold Nanorods ( Qingshan Wei and Alexander Wei). 27. Quantum Dot Labeling for Assessment of Intracellular Trafficking of Therapeutically Active Molecules ( Diane J. Burgess and Mamta Kapoor). Index.


ISBN-13: 9781118074343
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd))
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 590
Dimensions: 160.00 x 238.00 x 44.00

Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering