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Ocular Therapeutics
Eye on New Discoveries
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Main description:

Ocular Therapeutics: Eye on New Discovery focuses on emerging areas in ocular research, from new approaches to dry eye to gene therapy in the management of retinal diseases. This comprehensive book features more than 25 chapters of information that will be vital for ocular investigators and ophthalmologists bringing them new information on promising therapeutics. It is the intent of this book to provide not only information on current approaches to treatment, but also in giving the reader a greater understanding as to what may become available for treating a number of important eye diseases. Each chapter features some new aspect of treatment that holds great promise for the future. The approach has been to concentrate on those areas of ocular diseases that are more prevalent. It also features new insight for drug delivery and for managing devasting diseases, such as macula edema and glaucoma, two of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. This book will serve as an important resource as it contains a number of relevant references highlighted for their importance to the field. New investigators will be able to obtain an historical perspective for each of the topics and to develop an understanding of the new research directions that are underway. Ocular Therapeutics: Eye on New Discovery is more than a reference book, as it also provides an important glimpse into the near future.


Section I - General Principles and Therapeutic TargetsChapter 1: The Eye as Drug Target: OverviewChapter 2: Drug Delivery Systems in Ophthalmic ApplicationsChapter 3: IOP as a Target - Inflow and Outflow PathwaysChapter 4: The ciliary body: a potential multifaceted functional neuroendocrine unit.Chapter 5: Growth Factors and Neurotrophic Factors as TargetsSection II. Visual PathwayChapter 6: New therapies for Dry Eye DiseaseChapter 7: Refractive Surgery: Corneal Opacity (haze) after Surface AblationChapter 8: Progress in Preventing Age-Related CataractChapter 9: Myopia Pharmacology: Etiologic Clues, Therapeutic PotentialSection III. Inflammation, Immune System and Anti-infectivesChapter 10: Immune system and the eyeChapter 11: Ocular Allergy: Clinical, Therapeutic and Drug Discovery ConsiderationsChapter 12: Ocular Inflammation in Anterior SegmentChapter 13: Posterior Segment uveitisChapter 14: New Anti-Infectives for OphthalmologySection IV. Clinical TherapeuticsChapter 15: Tissue Repair and RegenerationChapter 16: Therapeutic Drugs for Anterior Segment Ocular SurgeryChapter 17: Therapeutic Drugs for Posterior Segment Vitrectomy SurgeryChapter 18: Progress and Prospects in Ocular Gene TherapySection V. Retinal Diseases and NeuropathiesChapter 19: Neuroprotection in GlaucomaChapter 20: Degenerative RetinopathiesChapter 22: Ocular Angiogenesis


ISBN-13: 9780080556772
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: December, 2007
Pages: 536

Subcategories: General Issues, Immunology, Pharmacology