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Obstetrics for Anaesthetists
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Anaesthetists on labour wards form an important part of the multi-disciplinary team. In addition to providing analgesia and anaesthesia, they are also involved in the acute management of conditions related to pregnancy, and coordinate and plan the care of patients with coexisting medical diseases. This requires an understanding of specialized obstetric procedures and the terminology and conditions unique to obstetrics. Obstetrics for Anaesthetists is a practical manual designed to provide anaesthetists with a clear knowledge of obstetrics and the implications this will have on their anaesthetic practice. Each chapter includes algorithms for the management of obstetric emergencies and text boxes highlighting the anaesthetic implications of a condition. Edited by an obstetric anaesthetist and an obstetrician, and with contributions from many leading practitioners, Obstetrics for Anaesthetists is an invaluable practical guide to all aspects of obstetrics relevant to anaesthetic practice.


Dedications; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; 1. Maternal physiology and obstetrics John Clift; 2. Antenatal care Clare Tower; 3. Induction of labour Rebekah Samangaya; 4. Normal labour Sarah Vause; 5. Abnormal labour Jenny Myers; 6. Fetal monitoring Justine Nugent; 7. Operative delivery Jo Gillham; 8. Pre-eclampsia and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy Egidio Da Silva and Wilson Chimbira; 9. Obstetric haemorrhage Alexander Heazell; 10. Thromboembolic disorders Mark Tindall; 11. Infection Paul Dias; 12. Life support and obstetrics Julian Chilvers; 13. Drugs used in obstetrics Lisa Penney; 14. Confidential enquiry into fetal, neonatal and maternal death Katie Clift; Appendix; Index.


ISBN-13: 9780511380747
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: March, 2008
Pages: 184
Dimensions: 123.00 x 186.00 x 10.00