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Nursing in the European Union
The World of Work
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Nursing in the European Union demonstrates how the European Union (EU) has refashioned the nursing world throughout the Member States via its power in many other policy domains. Volume 1 focused on the EU's impact on nursing education, regulation, and research endeavours. This volume focuses on real-life situations and problems EU nurses face-wages, stress, work environments, and dispute resolution-and places them in a comparative perspective. In this unique work, Sondra Z. Koff develops a profile of nurses' workplaces, highlighting similarities and diversities, challenges, and nurses' opinions. Though it has limited formal authority in the health and health care sectors, the EU has had a significant impact on the working life of these practitioners in areas such as employment options, industrial relations and their outcomes, organizational and environmental features of nurses' workplaces, collective action, and more. New policies and legalities are regulating the production, distribution, practices, and organization of nursing according to supranational standards.
Koff helps to fill a gap in the literature, given the dearth of comparative, cross-national, book-length studies of the nursing profession. By adopting a framework focused on an institution, policies, and politics, Koff addresses these topics from the perspective of multiple actors, both national and international.


Contents List of Abbreviations List of European Union Institutions and Processes List of European Union Member States and Year of Entry 1 Employment Introduction Initial Employment-The First Position The Hospital Staffing Ratios Nursing Care Delivery Models Audit and Feedback Shift Handover Intentional Rounding Hospital Shortages Primary Care Other Community Nursing Sites Home Care Palliative Care Extended Care Advanced Practice Nursing Walk-In Centres and Telehealth Nursing Independent Practice: The Self-Employed Agency and Bank Nursing Other Employment Choices Skill Mix The Public and Private Sectors Professional Practice: Work Styles Professional Practice and the New Social Scene Turnover Nurse Employment and the Financial Crisis The European Union and Health-Care Human Resources Management 2 Industrial Relations and Payment Mechanisms Introduction Trade Unions Employer Organizations Collective Bargaining Basic Wages Supplements to Basic Wages Wage Evaluation Social Security and Pensions Conclusion 3 The World of Work: Basic Organizational Features Working Time Overtime Part-time Work Patterns Annual Paid and Additional Leaves Public Holidays Maternity and Parental Leaves Childcare Absenteeism Conclusion 4 The World of Work: Its Environment Introduction Physical Conditions Psychosocial Conditions Stress Effort-Reward Balance Work-Family Balance Job Insecurity Professional Relationships Burnout Work Ability Violence: The Physical and Psychological Facets Job Satisfaction and the Meaning of Work Job and Organizational Commitment Intent to Leave the Place of Employment and/or the Profession Conclusion 5 Industrial Action Introduction Issues Spurring Collective Action Collective Action Tactics Alternate Dispute Resolution Dispute Resolution and the Courts Summary and Conclusion 6 Member States, the European Union, and the Workplace References Index


ISBN-13: 9781351502603
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
Publication date: October, 2016
Pages: 338

Subcategories: General Practice, Nursing