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Learning Group Leadership
An Experiential Approach
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Main description:

Focusing on how to conduct and lead groups in a variety of therapeutic settings, this book covers theory, process, leadership, techniques, ethics, special populations, and challenges as they relate to group work in a positive, realistic, and knowledgeable way. The authors introduce important conceptual and practical information and then use activities, exercises, field study assignments, and personal application questions to help students apply concepts to their work and lives. The fully updated Third Edition brings concepts to life through "student voices" in every chapter, examples drawn from the authors' over 25 years of experience, and demonstration video content that contains scripted sessions corresponding with every chapter.


Part I: Foundations of Group WorkChapter 1: The World of GroupsChapter 2: Your Behavior in GroupsChapter 3: Understanding Group Dynamics and SystemsChapter 4: Stages of Group DevelopmentChapter 5: Multicultural Dimensions of Group WorkChapter 6: Theories of Group InterventionPart II: Skills of the Group LeaderChapter 7: Assessment and Group DiagnosticsChapter 8: Specialized Leadership SkillsChapter 9: When to Intervene in GroupsChapter 10: Group Techniques and StructuresPart III: Applications and Significant IssuesChapter 11: ColeadershipChapter 12: Critical IncidentsChapter 13: Ethical Issues Unique to Group WorkPart IV: Advanced Group StructuresChapter 14: Advanced Group LeadershipChapter 15: Adjunct Structures to Group WorkChapter 16: Group Leadership Applied to Social Justice and Social ActionChapter 17: The End of Our Journey: Where to Go Next?


ISBN-13: 9781483323275
Publisher: Sage Publications Limited (SAGE Publications Inc)
Publication date: December, 2014
Pages: 488

Subcategories: Psychotherapy