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Leading and Managing in Nursing - Revised Reprint - E-Book
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Leading and Managing in Nursing, 5th Edition - Revised Reprint by Patricia Yoder-Wise successfully blends evidence-based guidelines with practical application. This revised reprint has been updated to prepare you for the nursing leadership issues of today and tomorrow, providing just the right amount of information to equip you with the tools you need to succeed on the NCLEX and in practice. Content is organized around the issues that are central to the success of professional nurses in today's constantly changing healthcare environment, including patient safety, workplace violence, consumer relationships, cultural diversity, resource management, and many more.


PART 1: CORE CONCEPTS Overview 1. Leading, Managing, and Following UPDATED! 2. Safe Care: The Core of Leading and Managing NEW! 3. Developing the Role of Leader 4. Developing the Role of Manager Context 5. Legal and Ethical Issues 6. Making Decisions and Solving Problems 7. Healthcare Organizations 8. Understanding and Designing Organizational Structures 9. Cultural Diversity in Health Care 10. Power, Politics, and Influence

PART 2: MANAGING RESOURCES 11. Caring, Communicating, and Managing with Technology 12. Managing Costs and Budgets 13. Care Delivery Strategies 14. Staffing and Scheduling 15. Selecting, Developing, and Evaluating Staff UPDATED!

PART 3: CHANGING THE STATUS QUO 16. Strategic Planning, Goal-Setting, and Marketing UPDATED! 17. Leading Change NEW! 18. Building Teams Through Communication and Partnerships UPDATED! 19. Collective Action 20. Managing Quality and Risk 21. Translating Research into Practice

PART 4: INTERPERSONAL AND PERSONAL SKILLS Interpersonal 22. Consumer Relationships 23. Conflict: The Cutting Edge of Change UPDATED! 24. Managing Personal/Personnel Problems 25. Workplace Violence: Threats from Outside and Within 26. Delegation: An Art of Professional Practice Personal 27. Role Transition 28. Self-Management: Stress and Time 29. Managing your Career Future 30. Thriving for the Future NEW!

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ISBN-13: 9780323294218
Publisher: Elsevier (Mosby)
Publication date: November, 2013
Pages: 672

Subcategories: Nursing