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Insightful Body
Healing with Somacentric Dialoguing
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Main description:

"SomaCentric Dialoguing" offers therapists simple yet effective techniques for improving communication with their clients, and for helping clients understand and articulate what their body wants them to be aware of. In this accessible introduction to the approach, Julie McKay outlines the core techniques and shows how they can be applied to make therapeutic sessions more effective. Explaining that individuals process information in different ways - audially, visually, or kinaesthetically - she describes how therapists can identify each client's unique language blend, and how they can use this knowledge to encourage them to become more in tune with, and more able to express, their body's needs. Guidance is provided on how to ask more effective questions in sessions, what words to use, and what words to avoid for optimal results. By using carefully chosen words and phrases, therapists can empower clients to express themselves freely. Using the simple yet profound techniques outlined in this book, therapists of all kinds will learn how to look beyond the head and into the body to help clients heal more completely and more deeply.
This book will provide yoga and tai chi instructors, craniosacral therapists, occupational therapists and a wide range of other healing arts practitioners with the skills they need to refine their dialoguing vocabulary and deliver rich and rewarding sessions.


1. Acknowledgements.; 2. Notes About the Text.; 3. Introduction.; 4. What It Is All About.; 5. Creating and Holding a Safe Space. You Need to Be. You Need to Be Here. You Need to Be Here Now. To Create a Safe Space.; 6. Key Concepts. Facilitator. Causes of Problems. Understanding and Knowledge. Indicator Compass - Determining "Yes" and "No". A Significant Lack. You Versus I. Then Versus Now.; 7. Success Signals - What is Your Color? A Simple Question? The Color of Clients. Speaking their Color.; 8. What Processing Language Does Your Client Speak? What is Frustrated Like? Do You Need a Babel Fish? Avoiding the Merry-Go-Round. Which Part of the Aardvark is Your Client? Processing Language Exercise.; 9. Dialoguing. What to Do When a Client Does Not Want to Dialogue. When a Client Does Not Know How to Dialogue. When Should I Not Do SomaCentric Dialoguing with my Client?; 10. Open Ended Questions Versus Closed Ended Questions. Closed Ended Question (CEQ). Open Ended Question (OEQ). Ultimate Questions/Statements to Elicit Information. Responses to Clients. More OEQ/CEQ. Statements - Going Beyond Questions. Relating Statements to Color Personalities.; 11. Word Choice. Negative Versus Positive. Being Nonjudgmental. No-No Words. Guardian Angel Technique. More About Safe. Other Choice Phrases. That Color Looks Good On You. Humor. Avoid Sex, Religion, Politics and Money. Deadly Word Choices.; 12. Wiggle Words.; 13. Getting Started. How to Get Started Technique. Permission Technique. Mini-Me Technique. 1-2-3 Technique. 10 Things Technique.; 14. Meet the Twins: Resistance vs Protection and Their Role in Healing. Resistance. Protection. The Twins Get Confused. Working with the Coin. Body Guard Job Reassignment. Looking at the Head of the Coin.; 15. Gems and Nuances. Why Hands On? "One More Time" versus "And Again". Time Capsule Concepts. Tone/Inflection/Pacing - Using Your Voice. Clues - Not in Body Sensations. Restating/Reframing Statements. Should Versus Next Time or Can. Who/What/When/Where/How - Careful with Why. Is it Important? Are We There Yet? A Love Story.; 16. Creating a Session. Framing Session. Session Opening. Beginning the Dialoguing. Wrapping it Up. End of Session.; 17. Getting Unstuck.; 18. Techniques. Session Techniques. Self-Care and Homework Techniques. SomaCentric Dialoguing Session Flow. Framing Session. Session Opening. How to Get Started. Session Closing. Mini-Me. 1-2-3. 10 Things. Permission Technique. Body Guard. Guardian Angel Technique. Safe Space Conversation. Safe Space Conversation Technique. Hypnotic Dream. Surgery Prep. Just Because. Success Signals Color Styles Review. AVK Processing Language Review.; 19. Exercises.; 20. Next?; 21. Glossary.; 22. Resources.; 23. Bibliography.; 24. Index.; 25. About the Author.


ISBN-13: 9780857010261
Publisher: Singing Dragon
Publication date: January, 2010
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 13.00