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Handbook of Depression in Adolescents
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Main description:

Depressive disorders are among the most common types of psychopathology in the United States. Adolescent-onset depressive disorders represent particularly insidious conditions because of their strong association with chronic and recurrent emotional problems in adulthood. This handbook offers authoritative reviews of research on the nature, causes, and treatments for depression in adolescents. It covers the breadth of this research, focusing on etiology, predictors, and the interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors in adolescent depression. Highlighting both recent studies on treatment of adolescent depression and the prevention programs directed at high-risk youth, the book also covers assessment, diagnosis, and epidemiology, and related and comorbid conditions. "Handbook of Depression in Adolescents" is an invaluable and comprehensive resource for students and practitioners alike.


Preface. About the Editors. Contributors. Assessment, Diagnosis, and Epidemiology. Cicchetti, Toth, A Developmental Psychopathology Approach on Adolescent Depression. Essau, Ollendick, Diagnosis and Assessment of Adolescent Depression. Merikangas, Knight, The Epidemiology of Depression in Adolescence. Allen, Astuto, Depression Among Racial, Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Adolescents. Hilt, Nolen-Hoeksema, The Emergence of Gender Differences in Depression in Adolescence. Related Conditions. Rohde, Comorbidities with Adolescent Depression. Taylor, Miklowitz, Bipolar Disorder in Childhood and Adolescence. Jacobson, Gould, Suicide and Non-suicidal Self-injurious Behaviors Among Youth: Risk and Protective Factors. Biological Factors. Goodyer, Early Onset Depression: Meanings, Mechanisms and Processes. Lau, Eley, The Genetics of Adolescent Depression. Wolfson, Armitage, Sleep and its Relationship to Adolescent Depression. Psychosocial Factors. Hammen, Stress Exposure and Stress Generation in Adolescent Depression. Abela, Hankin, Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression in Adolescents: A Developmental Psychopathology Perspective. Rudolph, The Interpersonal Context of Adolescent Depression. Compas, Jaser, Benson, Coping and Emotion Regulation: Implications for Understanding Depression During Adolescence. Joormann, Eugene, Gotlib, Parental Depression: Impact on Offspring and Mechanisms. Underlying Transmission of Risk. Treatment of Adolescent Depression. Stark, Krumholz, Ridley, Hamilton, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Youth Depression: The ACTION Treatment Program. Gunlicks, Mufson, Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depressed Adolescents. Kaslow, Broth, Arnett, Collins, Family-Based Treatment for Adolescent Depression. Zalsman, Shoval, Rotstein, Pharmacotherapy for Adolescent Depression. Weersing, Gonzalez, Effectiveness of Interventions for Adolescent Depression: Reason for Hope or Cause for Concern? Prevention of Adolescent Depression. Garber, Webb, Horowitz, Prevention of Depression in Adolescents: A Review of Selective and Indicated Programs. McLaughlin, Universal Prevention for Adolescent Depression. Nolen-Hoeksema, Hilt, Integration and Remaining Questions.


ISBN-13: 9781136675867
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge Member of the Taylor and Francis Group)
Publication date: November, 2008
Pages: 712
Dimensions: 178.00 x 254.00 x 41.00