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Genes, Brain and Development
The Neurocognition of Genetic Disorders
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Main description:

Genetic syndromes and neurodevelopmental disorders that have a genetic basis are associated with cognitive and academic disabilities. Genes, Brain and Development reviews the connections between genes, brain, and behavior for a range of genetic disorders, and also considers lifespan and treatment issues. The content further explores what is known about development in neurogenetic disorders, particularly in the domains of language and mathematics, and shows how this knowledge is pertinent to understanding both these specific disorders, and disorders of language and math more generally. This will be essential reading for a wide range of brain scientists and developmental clinicians, including neuropsychologists, cognitive psychologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, neuroscientists and geneticists.


Part I. Connecting Genes, Brain, and Behavior in Neurodevelopmental Disorders: 1. Fragile X: a model of X-linked mental retardation and neurodegeneration Mariya Borodyanskaya, Sarah Coffey, Michele Ono and Randi J. Hagerman; 2. Autism: genes, anatomy, and behavioral outcome Emma Esser, Saasha Sutera and Deborah Fein; 3. Development in spina bifida: neurobiological and environmental factors Marcia A. Barnes, Heather Taylor, Susan B. Landry and Lianne H. English; Part II. Genetic Disorders and Models of Neurocognitive Development: 4. Language and communication in autism spectrum disorders Susan Ellis Weismer; 5. Language development in children with Williams syndrome: new insights from cross-linguistic research Stavroula Stavrakaki; 6. Language in Down syndrome: a life-span perspective Jean A. Rondal; 7. Genetic disorders as models of mathematics learning disability: fragile X and Turner syndromes Melissa M. Murphy, Michèle M. M. Mazzocco and Michael McCloskey; 8. A developmental approach to genetic disorders Sarah J. Paterson; 9. The use of strategies in embedded figures. Tasks by boys with and without organic mild mental retardation: a review and some experimental evidence A. Alevriadou and H. Tsakiridou.


ISBN-13: 9780511763816
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: January, 2010
Pages: 236
Dimensions: 174.00 x 247.00 x 12.00