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Family Violence and Nursing Practice, Second Edition
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Main description:

Nurses too often encounter battered women, abused children, and other victims of family violence in hospital and emergency room settings. Nurses therefore have a unique and important role to play in the prevention, identification, and mitigation of violence. This newly revised second edition is a landmark resource that provides comprehensive, nursing-focused coverage of intimate partner violence (IPV), child abuse, and more.

This textbook provides a detailed overview of all types of family and other violence, including IPV, same-sex IPV, abuse during pregnancy, intimate partner homicide, stalking, violence against women with disabilities, dating violence, child abuse, children witnessing violence, sexual assault of both children and adults, and elder abuse. The book offers both graduate and undergraduate nursing students a clear view of the essential theories, interventions, and issues surrounding nursing and family violence-presenting an approach that empowers nurses to contribute to the prevention of this worldwide health problem.

Special Features:

  • Chapters on legal and forensic issues address the nurse's role and responsibilities when confronting family violence
  • In-depth attention to cultural issues promote culturally relevant practice
  • Abundant diagrams and tables offer quick access to essential standards for care
  • Practice assessment forms and model interventions give practical strategies for addressing family violence
  • A new chapter describes international work in family violence


ISBN-13: 2370004739502
Publisher: Eurospan (Springer Publishing Company)
Publication date: July, 2010
Pages: 482

Subcategories: Nursing