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Equine Fluid Therapy
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Main description:

Equine Fluid Therapy is the first reference to draw equine-specific fluid therapy information together into a single, comprehensive resource. Offering current information unique to horses on the research and practice of fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base disorders, the book is designed to be clinically oriented yet thorough, providing detailed strategies tailored to equine practice. With information ranging from physiology and acid-base balance to fluid therapy for specific conditions, Equine Fluid Therapy covers fluid treatments in both adult horses and foals, highlighting the unique physiologic features, conditions, and differences in foals. Well-illustrated throughout, the book begins with an overview of the physiology of fluids, electrolytes, and acid-base, then moves into practical information including equipment, monitoring techniques, fluid choices, and potential complications. A final section offers chapters on blood transfusions, colloids, parenteral nutrition, and hemodynamic monitoring. Equine Fluid Therapy is an essential reference for equine practitioners, specialists, and researchers.


List of contributors vi Preface viii Section 1: Physiology of fluids electrolytes and acid base 1 Body water physiology 3 C. Langdon Fielding 2 Sodium and water homeostasis and derangements 11 C. Langdon Fielding 3 Potassium homeostasis and derangements 27 C. Langdon Fielding 4 Chloride homeostasis and derangements 45 C. Langdon Fielding 5 Calcium homeostasis and derangements 55 Escolastico Aguilera-Tejero 6 Magnesium homeostasis and derangements 76 Allison Jean Stewart 7 Phosphorus homeostasis and derangements 88 Ramiro E. Toribio 8 Acid base homeostasis and derangements 101 Jon Palmer Section 2: Fluid therapy 9 Preparation supplies and catheterization 129 Jamie Higgins 10 Monitoring fluid therapy 142 Brett Tennent?]Brown 11 Fluid overload 152 C. Langdon Fielding 12 Replacement fluids therapy in horses 161 K. Gary Magdesian 13 Maintenance fluid therapy in horses 175 K. Gary Magdesian 14 Fluid therapy for renal failure 190 C. Langdon Fielding 15 Fluid therapy for hepatic failure 198 Thomas J. Divers 16 Fluid therapy for gastrointestinal disease 206 Diana M. Hassel 17 Fluid therapy and heart failure 220 Sophy A. Jesty 18 Fluid therapy during neurologic disease 228 Yvette S. Nout?]Lomas 19 Fluid therapy for muscle disorders 239 Darien J. Feary 20 Perioperative fluid therapy 250 Julie E. Dechant 21 Enteral fluid therapy 261 Marco A.F. Lopes 22 Fluid therapy for neonatal foals 279 K. Gary Magdesian Section 3: Special topics 23 Blood and blood product transfusions in horses 301 Margaret Mudge 24 Colloids 312 Lucas Pantaleon 25 Parenteral nutrition 323 Harold C. McKenzie III 26 Advanced hemodynamic monitoring 340 Kevin Corley 27 Peritoneal dialysis 351 Laurie Gallatin Index 356


ISBN-13: 9781118928196
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Wiley-Blackwell)
Publication date: March, 2015
Pages: 424
Dimensions: 189.00 x 254.00 x 22.00

Subcategories: Veterinary Medicine