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Disorders of the Hand
Volume 3: Inflammation, Arthritis and Contractures
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Main description:

Disorders of the Hand describes the techniques for diagnosis applicable to the various disorders of the hand and how evidence based findings influence clinical practice. Treatment options including surgery are discussed in detail and clinical pearls are given in every chapter. Inflammation, arthritis, and contractures are comprehensively covered in this third of four volumes, while hand injuries, nerve compression, hand reconstruction, swelling, tumours, congenital hand defects and surgical techniques are included in the book’s three sister volumes.


Essential resource for final year trainees and consultants in busy hand surgery practices

Illustrated with images, radiographs and line drawings to provide practical guidance on surgical procedures

Contains clinical pearls and practical tips on diagnosis and management

Back cover:

This book comes at a time when significant advances in the understanding of hand disorders have resulted in vast improvements in the quality of life for patients. It describes the techniques and practices for the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders of the hand and wrist. Each condition is discussed in detail and illustrated with images, radiographs and line drawings. Clinical pearls are provided for every chapter to provide practical guidance on surgical procedures.


Disorders of the Hand contains contributions from many of the hand surgeons who are at the forefront of this evolving area in the management of both elective and trauma hand surgery. This volume and its three sister volumes aim to improve care for current patients with hand and wrist complaints, while inspiring surgeons to think in greater detail about treatment options that will provide even better care in the future.


​Tendonopathy at the wrist.- Tendon conditions in the thumb.- Tendon inflammation of the fingers including trigger finger.- Osteoarthritis of the Wrist and DRUJ.- Osteoarthritis of the Thumb.- Osteoarthritis of the Fingers.- Rheumatoid Hand and Wrist Problems.- Crystalline and Other Arthritides.- Kienbock’s Disease and Other Avascular Necrosis.- Dupuytren’s Disease.- The Burned Hand.- Post-Traumatic Contracture.- Neurological contractures: the spastic upper limb.


ISBN-13: 9781447165576
Publisher: Springer (Springer London)
Publication date: December, 2014
Pages: 246

Subcategories: Orthopaedics and Fractures