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Diseases of the Nervous System
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The study of the brain continues to expand at a rapid pace providing fascinating insights into the basic mechanisms underlying nervous system illnesses. New tools, ranging from genome sequencing to non-invasive imaging, and research fueled by public and private investment in biomedical research has been transformative in our understanding of nervous system diseases and has led to an explosion of published primary research articles. Diseases of the Nervous System summarizes the current state of basic and clinical knowledge for the most common neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions. In a systematic progression, each chapter covers either a single disease or a group of related disorders ranging from static insults to primary and secondary progressive neurodegenerative diseases, neurodevelopmental illnesses, illnesses resulting from nervous system infection and neuropsychiatric conditions. Chapters follow a common format and are stand-alone units, each covering disease history, clinical presentation, disease mechanisms and treatment protocols. Dr. Sontheimer also includes two chapters which discuss common concepts shared among the disorders and how new findings are being translated from the bench to the bedside. In a final chapter, he explains the most commonly used neuroscience jargon. The chapters address controversial issues in current day neuroscience research including translational research, drug discovery, ethical issues, and the promises of personalized medicine. This book provides an introduction for course adoption and an introductory tutorial for students, scholars, researchers and medical professionals interested in learning the state of the art concerning our understanding and treatment of diseases of the nervous system.


Introduction Section I. Static Nervous System Diseases 1. Cerebrovascular Infarct - Stroke 2. Central Nervous System Trauma 3. Seizure Disorders and Epilepsy Section II. Progressive Neurodegenerative Diseases 4. Aging, Dementia, and Alzheimer's Disease 5. Parkinson's Disease 6. Diseases of Motor Neurons and Neuromuscular Junctions 7. Huntington's Disease Section III. Secondary Progressive Neurodegenerative Diseases 8. Multiple Sclerosis 9. Brain Tumors 10. Infectious Diseases of the Nervous System Section IV. Developmental Neurological Conditions 11. Neurodevelopmental Disorders Section V. Neuropsychiatric Illnesses 12. Mood Disorders and Depression 13. Schizophrenia Section VI. Common Concepts in Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Illnesses 14. Shared Mechanisms of Disease Section VII. Bench-to-Bedside Translation 15. Drug Discovery and Personalized Medicine Section VIII. Neuroscience Jargon 16. "Neuro"-dictionary


ISBN-13: 9780128004036
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: March, 2015
Pages: 1008

Subcategories: Neurology