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Dire Emotions and Lethal Behaviours
Eclipse of the Life Instinct
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Main description:

"Dire Emotions and Lethal Behaviors" explores the primary motivational system in human beings. Based on the work of C. G. Jung, James Hillman, Louis Stewart and Silvan Tomkins, Charles Stewart investigates the psychology of the innate affects, with a focus towards the emotional motivation of adolescents and young adults who have killed others, themselves, or both. "It" is suggested that social isolation, dissociation of the personality, unbearable emotions, and possession by affects are necessary conditions for both homicide and suicide. Stewart argues that these conditions result from deep-seated emotional psychopathology which involves both the positive affects of the life instinct - interest and joy, and the crisis affects - fear, anguish, anger, and shame/contempt. Illustrated throughout with case studies of individuals who have committed homicide, suicide, or both, "Dire Emotions and Lethal Behaviors" aims to discover the emotional motivations for such behaviors so that through education and psychological treatment, such tragic outcomes can be prevented. This book will be of interest to professionals and students in the fields of mental health and criminal justice.


Beebe, Foreword. Introduction. How the Innate Affects Work. Optimal vs. Violent Expression of Affect: A New Way to Understand the Emergence of Each of These Outcomes. Death and Rebirth of the Life Instinct. Vivienne Loomis: Suicide. Kipland Kinkel: Killing of Parents and Others. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold: Multiple Homicides Followed by Suicides. Sinedu Tadesse: Homicide Followed by Suicide. Gloria: Panic Leading to Homicide. Peter: Fury Leading to Killing of Mother and Sisters. Little Father Time: Homicides Followed by Suicide. Lethal Conditions and Psychological Treatment. Epilogue. Bibliography.


ISBN-13: 9780203945872
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: July, 2007
Pages: 280
Dimensions: 156.00 x 234.00 x 16.00