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Dark Words to a Goddess
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Main description:


These are dark and beautiful poems evading simple description. Swinbourne has definitely found his voice in a very short period of time. Having put pen to paper, or perhaps finger-tips to keyboard, only 3 years ago Swinbourne has now been published internationally and his poems have appeared on BBC radio.

About the Author

In July 2004 Swinbourne suffered a series of terrible losses including his father and his marriage. At the same time he was brave enough to speak up for justice at work and as a result he was victimised. All this came after 5 years of amphetamine use and in July he broke, being diagnosed with psychosis.

""Paranoid psychosis is terrifying...I saw a thing that struck me stunned with horror...""

Julian was given medication but he says ""with talking therapy I am working things out"".

But he also says that since becoming ill he has discovered something of himself which he never knew he had, something which has helped him deal with his thoughts and experiences and something which has provided beauty and solace to others:

""...and out of nowhere I wrote my first ever poem... I had positive comments... and suddenly over the weeks words came pouring from my heart and soul... beautiful imagery that had been locked in my mind... now was unlocked...

I have found a niche for my work... gothic and rock fans love it... but I've even meet a school teacher of English who was stunned by my creations...""


ISBN-13: 9781847472700
Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing (Chipmunkapublishing Ltd)
Publication date: June, 2011
Pages: 201

Subcategories: Psychology