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Climate Health Risks in Megacities
Sustainable Management and Strategic Planning
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Main description:

Climate Health Risks in Megacities: Sustainable Management and Strategic Planning courageously confronts the immense challenges of alleviating climate change and takes the initiative to layout an agenda that calls for action in the rapidly changing landscape of our global climate. This guide provides a constructive methodology for developing and implementing risk management and operational continuity management systems to climate change effects on urban populations. It addresses key issues such as physical location, proper sanitation, food security and vector-borne diseases against the backdrop of climate change, and then model its effect on the urban dwellers. The author also reveals the benefits of implementing a unique risk management approach to combat global threats and focuses on building urban resilience in the face of disasters.
Prepared with a comprehensive and forward-thinking style, this book draws on indispensable case studies in key megacities like New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, London, Mumbai, and Lagos, and links researchers, scientists, city's mayors, environmentalists, policy-makers and world leaders from central areas to review, reflect, and expound on future directions.


Foreword Preface Part 1: Managing Climate Change and Health Risks in Megacities Chapter 1 Megacities and Public Health Chapter 2 The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report and its Implications for Human Health and Urban Areas Chapter 3 The Urban Poor and the Response of Megacities to Dealing with Climate Change Health Risks Chapter 4 Managing Climate Change and Health Risk in Megacities Chapter 5 GHG Emissions and Climate Change Risks Part 2: Risk Management and Its Relation to Climate Change Chapter 6 Management Strategy for Effecting Change within Megacities Chapter 7 Turning Theory into Reality: The Benefits of a Risk Management Approach Chapter 8 Building Resilience and Sustainable Development in the Face of Disasters and Climate Change Chapter 9 Resilient Communities through Environmental Planning and Design - Accounting for Future Scenarios and Regenerative Capacity Chapter 10 The Epoch of Smart Cities and Innovation Part 3: Global Health Risks, Facts and Challenges of Climate Change Implication Chapter 11 Global Health Risks, the Urban Poor and Climate Change Impacts Chapter 12 Climate Change Impacts on Health: Urban Poor and Air Pollution in European Context Chapter 13 National Security and Public Health Implications of Climate Change Part 4: Case Study: Researched Megacities Chapter 14 Overview of Megacities Used in Case Study Chapter 15 The City of New York Chapter 16 Rio de Janeiro Chapter 17 Beijing Chapter 18 Los Angeles Chapter 19 London Chapter 20 Mumbai Chapter 21 Lagos Part 5: Prognosis for Change Chapter 22 Risk Management, Strategy and Leadership Appendix Climate Action in Megacities


ISBN-13: 9781315350233
Publisher: Productivity Press
Publication date: December, 2016
Pages: 216

Subcategories: Public Health