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Challenge of Racism in Therapeutic Practice
Engaging with Oppression in Practice and Supervision
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Main description:

Racism exists in today's society in many different forms and, for a huge number of people, is a fact of everyday life. Inspired and informed by the author's own research, this uniquely engaging book brings the focus to how racism affects the therapeutic relationship, creatively exploring the subject of working with people of African, Caribbean, Asian and Mixed heritage in both therapeutic practice and clinical supervision. Unpacking the latest concepts and theories, and offering a wealth of real-life stories and examples, the author reflects on how the challenge of everyday racism, as well as the enduring, intergenerational pain caused by historical racism, can affect the therapeutic dynamic, and how practitioners can deliver a truly inclusive therapeutic service that tackles these issues sensitively. Packed full of thoughtful, supportive advice, The Challenge of Racism in Therapeutic Practice draws on layers of experience to guide the reader through complex intercultural issues with a voice of empathy and understanding.


PART I: UNGAGGING: DENIAL, SILENCE, RAGE.- 1. Denial and Myth of Post-Racism.- 2. Silencing and Taboo Subjects.- 3. The Process of Black Rage.- PART II: IDENTITY, SHADISM AND INTERNALISED OPPRESSION.- 4. The Melting Pot.- 5. African Heritage, Asian Heritage, Mixed Heritage.- 6. Gender Influences and Racism.- PART III: THE TRAUMATIC EFFECTS OF SLAVERY AND COLONIALISM.- 7. The Intergenerational Context of Internalised Racism.- 8. Working with Trauma and Recognition Trauma.- 9. Emerging from Recognition Trauma.- 10. An Ethical Context.- 11. Conclusion.


ISBN-13: 9781137397041
Publisher: Palgrave
Publication date: May, 2016
Pages: 256

Subcategories: Psychotherapy