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Care-Giving in Dementia
Research and Applications
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Main description:

Volume 4 of Care-Giving in Dementia builds on previous volumes to continue to make a significant contribution to establishing a knowledge base for the developing field of care-giving in dementia. The editors bring together contributions from leading practitioners and researchers to bring the reader up to date with new developments in diagnosis, treatment and care. Subjects covered include: visuo-perceptual changes in Alzheimer's disease, the Alzheimer Cafe concept, attachment in dementia, the role of humour in dementia, the awareness context of persons with dementia, couples group (psycho) therapy in dementia, spirituality, and improving end-of-life care for people with dementia. Care Giving in Dementia makes state of the art research accessible and relevant for professional care-givers. It will help all health and mental health professionals caring for people with dementia to enhance their practice, educate others and investigate possibilities for further developments in this fast-growing field.


Jones, Introduction. Part I: Models and Theories. Jones, van der Eeden, Harding, Visuoperceptual-cognitive Changes in Alzheimer's Disease: Adapting a Dementia Unit. Jones, Harding, van der Eerden, Visual Phenomena in AD: Distinguishing Between Hallucinations, Illusions, Misperceptions and Misidentifications. Miesen, Attachment in Dementia. Bound From Birth? Clare, Markova, Romero, Verhey, Wang, Woods, Keady,Awareness and People with Early Stage Dementia. Part II: Interventions in Care Facilities. Blake, Mills, Coleman, The Role of Humour in Dementia. Wareing, Occupational Therapy Use of Sensory Techniques in Later Stage Dementia Care. Building Community Through Arts. Anderson, Lloyd-Lawrence, Flint, Cooperative Enquiry Using Arts Media with People. Hertogh, Medical Care for Chronically Ill Elderly People: Nursing Home Medicine as Functional Geriatrics. Speck, Dementia and Spiritual Care. Part III: Topics Related to Care Giving Issues. Cheston, Jones, Gilliard, Psychotherapeutic Groups for People with Dementia: The Dementia Voice Group Psychotherapy Project. Mills, Bartlett, Experiential Support Groups for People in the Early to Moderate Stages of Dementia . Thompson, Qualitative Evaluation of an Alzheimer Cafe as a Ongoing Supportive Group Intervention. Part IV: Family and Professional Care-Givers. The Meeting Centres Support Programme Model for Persons with Dementia and their Carers. Droes, Meiland, van Tilburg, Aims, Methods and Research. Miesen,Couples Group(psycho) Therapy in Dementia. Part V: Education and Ethics. Small, Downs, Froggatt, Improving End-of-life Care for People with Dementia - The Benefits of Combining UK Approaches to Palliative Care and Dementia Care. Death Comes in the end. van den Berg, A Palliative Perspective of Caring for People with Dementia. Miesen, Care-Giving in Dementia: Moving Ahead Together. Review and Perspectives .


ISBN-13: 9781135453909
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: September, 2006
Pages: 456
Dimensions: 156.00 x 234.00 x 28.00