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Cardiovascular Physiology, Seventh Edition
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Main description:

This is the study guide that helps you to truly understand rather than merely memorize the essential principles of cardiovascular medicine. The goal of this unique review is to give you a working understanding of the key concepts of cardiovascular physiology. Concise but thorough, "Cardiovascular Physiology" focuses on the facts you need to get a solid big picture overview of how the cardiovascular system operates under normal and abnormal situations. There is no faster or more effective way to learn how the key principles of cardiovascular function apply to common physiological and pathological challenges than this engagingly-written guide. This title clarifies the details of physiologic mechanisms and their role in pathologic states. It links cardiovascular physiology to diagnosis and treatment. It summarizes key concepts at the end of each chapter. It highlights must-know information with chapter objectives. It provides the perfect quick review for the USMLE Step 1. It reinforces learning with study questions at the end of each chapter. It keeps you up to date on the latest research and developments in this ever-changing field.
It offers the content you need to gain a thorough understanding of this essential subject: Overview of the Cardiovascular System, Characteristics of Cardiac Muscle Cells, The Heart Pump, Measurement of Cardiac Function, Cardiac Abnormalities, The Peripheral Vascular System, Vascular Control, Central Venous Pressure - An Indicator of Circulatory Hemodynamics, Regulation of Arterial Pressure, Cardiovascular Response to Physiological Stresses, and Cardiovascular Function in Pathological Situations.


Chapter 1. Overview of the Cardiovascular System; Chapter 2. Characteristics of the Cardiac Muscle Cells; Chapter 3. The Heart Pump; Chapter 4. The Electrocardiogram; Chapter 5. Cardiac Abnormalities; Chapter 6. The Peripheral Vascular System; Chapter 7. Vascular Control; Chapter 8. Central Venous Pressure; Chapter 9. Regulation of Arterial Pressure; Chapter 10. Cardiovascular Responses to Physiological Stress; Chapter 11. Cardiovascular Function in Pathological Situations


ISBN-13: 9780071766524
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (McGraw-Hill Medical)
Publication date: August, 2010
Pages: 304

Subcategories: Cardiovascular Medicine, Physiology