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Breaking Barriers in Counseling Men
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Main description:

Breaking Barriers in Counseling Men is a unique collection of personal and engaging contributions from nationally recognized scholars and clinicians with expertise in treating men. The editors have selected men's clinicians who address areas as diverse as sexual dysfunction, male bonding over sports, father-son relationships, and counseling men in the military. Featuring a mix of clinical tips, personal anecdotes, and theoretical reframing, this book takes clinicians invested in these issues to the next level, breaking down barriers to connecting with men and getting them the help that is so often needed.


Series Editor's Foreword Mark Kiselica Acknowledgements Introduction Aaron B. Rochlen Contributors Part I: Approaches: Working Therapeutically With Men in Ways That Connect Experience and Language 1. Pushing Haystacks and Cracking Steel Balls: Using Metaphor with Men Ryan A. McKelley 2. Using Humor and Story Telling in Men's Work Chris Kilmartin 3. Approaching the Unapproachable: Therapist Self-Disclosure to De-Shame Clients David Wexler 4. Moving with Men and Their Passions: Lessons from Surfing Ryan F. Pittsinger and William Ming Liu 5. Going Deep: Using Sports to Engage Men Therapeutically Maneet Bhatia Part II: Modalities: Working With Men Utilizing Unique Therapeutic Environments and Activities 6. Innovative Group Therapy with Men Fredric E. Rabinowitz 7. Adventure Therapy with Men David E. Scheinfeld and Sam J. Buser 8. Creating Experiential Weekend Retreats for Men Matt Englar-Carlson and Mark A. Stevens 9. Getting Wired: Connecting with Men Through Technology Ryon C. McDermott, Christopher R. Smith, and Jack Y. Tsan 10. Coaching Men: A Direct Approach to Intimacy and Sexuality Jim Benson Part III: Populations: Intervening With Male Sub-Groups who Share Identities, Perspectives, and Experiences 11. A Holistic Approach to Counseling Military Men Jerry Novack and Scott Edwards 12. Working Outside the Box with Incarcerated Men Mark E. Olver and Therese Daniels 13. Making the Connection with Male Teenagers David Verhaagen 14. Navigating Multiple Identities with Gay and Bisexual Men of Color Kevin L. Nadal and David P. Rivera 15. Counseling Fathers: Opening the Door for Reflection and Growth Chen Z. Oren and Dora Chase Oren Conclusion: Breaking Barriers: Expanding the Repertoire Fredric E. Rabinowitz References Index


ISBN-13: 9781136291630
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: September, 2013
Pages: 232