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Bontrager's Handbook of Radiographic Positioning and Techniques - E-BOOK
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This pocket-sized Handbook for Lampignano and Kendrick's text has it all: new radiographic images, revised critiques, and more. Bontrager's Handbook of Radiographic Positioning and Techniques, 9th Edition provides bulleted instructions, along with photos of properly positioned patients, to help you safely and confidently position for the most-commonly requested radiographic studies. Suggested techniques and critique points offer a quick reference for evaluating your own radiographs, making it an invaluable tool for learning radiographic positioning in clinical settings.


1. Chest and Bony Thorax Adult Chest and Pediatric Chest ? 2. Upper Limb (Extremity)? Fingers, Thumb, Hand, Wrist, Forearm, Elbow, and Pediatric Upper Limbs? 3. Humerus and Shoulder Girdle? Humerus, Shoulder, Clavicle, Scapula and Acromioclavicular (AC) Joints? 4. Lower Limb (Extremity)? Toes, Foot, Calcaneus, Ankle, Leg (Tibia-Fibula), Knee, Patella, and Pediatric Lower Limbs? 5. Femur and Pelvic Girdle? Femur, Hips, Pelvis, and Pediatric Hips and Pelvis? 6. Vertebral Column? C Spine, T Spine, L Spine, Sacrum and Coccyx, Sacroiliac Joints? 7. Bony Thorax? Sternum, SC Joints, and Ribs 8. Skull, Facial Bones, and Paranasal Sinuses? Cranium, Facial Bones, Optic Foramina, Zygomatic Arches, Nasal Bones, Mandible, TMJs, Sinuses? 9. Abdomen and Common Contrast Media Procedures? Esophagram, Upper GI, SB, BE, IVU and Cystogram? 10. Mobile (Portables) and Surgical Procedures? Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis and Hips, and C-Arm Procedures

Appendix A: Reducing Patient Dose Appendix B: Time-m/A (mAs) Conversion Chart Appendix C: Exposure-Distance Conversion Chart Appendix D: Cast Conversion Rule Appendix E: Grid Ratio Conversion Chart Appendix F: Initials (Abbreviations), Technical Terms, and Acronyms


ISBN-13: 9780323510929
Publisher: Elsevier (Mosby)
Publication date: April, 2017
Pages: 336

Subcategories: Radiology