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Biomedical Optical Phase Microscopy and Nanoscopy
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Main description:

Written by leading optical phase microscopy experts, this book is a comprehensive reference to phase microscopy and nanoscopy techniques for biomedical applications, including differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, digital holographic microscopy, optical coherence tomography, tomographic phase microscopy, spectral-domain phase detection, and nanoparticle usage for phase nanoscopy The Editors show biomedical and optical engineers how to use phase microscopy for visualizing unstained specimens, and support the theoretical coverage with applied content and examples on designing systems and interpreting results in bio- and nanoscience applications.


Preface Natan T. Shaked, Zeev Zalevskey and Lisa L. Satterwhite Phase contrast microscopy and differential interference contrast microscopy Chapter 1 Principles of phase contrast microscopy Sam A. Johnson Editor: Lisa L. Satterwhite Chapter 2 Differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy Michael Shribak Editor: Lisa L. Satterwhite Chapter 3 Long term phase contrast imaging of untransformed human cells Yumi Uetake and Greenfield Sluder Editor: Lisa L. Satterwhite Chapter 4 Phase imaging of plant cells and tissues Vassilios Sarfis Editor: Zeev Zalevsky Digital holographic phase microscopy Chapter 5 Measuring biophysical parameters of living cells with digital holographic microscopy Benjamin Rappaz, Christian Depeursinge and Pierre Marquet Editor: Natan T. Shaked Chapter 6 New digital holographic microscopy setups and techniques for obtaining multi-focus quantitative phase imaging of living cells Bjorn Kemper, Patrik Langehanenberg and Andreas Bauwens Editor: Natan T. Shaked Chapter 7 Phase unwrapping problems in digital holographic microscopy of biological cells Alexander Khmaladze Editor: Natan T. Shaked Chapter 8 Partially-coherent lensless holographic microscopy on a chip and its application for automated semen analysis Ting-Wei Su and Aydogan Ozcan Editor: Natan T. Shaked Chapter 9 Synthetic aperture lensless digital holographic microscopy for superresolved biological imaging Vicente Mico, Zeev Zalevsky, Luis Granero and Javier Garcia Editor: Zeev Zalevsky Chapter 10 Combining digital holographic microscopy with microfluidics: a new tool in biotechnology. Lisa Miccio, Pasquale Memmolo, Fraancesco Merola, Melania Paturzo and Pietro Ferraro Editor: Zeev Zalevsky Chapter 11 Holographic motility contrast imaging of live tissues David D. Nolte, Ran An, Kwan Jeong and John Turek Editor: Natan T. Shaked Advanced interferometric and polarization techniques Chapter 12 Tomographic phase microscopy Wonshik Choi Editor: Natan T. Shaked Chapter 13 Phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography Itay Shock and Natan T. Shaked Editor: Natan T. Shaked Chapter 14 Polarization and spectral interferometric techniques for quantitative phase microscopy Yizheng Zhu, Matthew T. Rinehart, Francisco E. Robles and Adam Wax Editor: Natan T. Shaked Chapter 15 Polarization microscopy Rudolf Oldenbourg Editor: Lisa L. Satterwhite Phase nanoscopy Chapter 16 Is there a fundamental limit to optical resolution in phase microscopy? Steve Lipson Editor: Zeev Zalevsky Chapter 17 Nano-holographic interferometry for in-vivo observations Federico Sciammarella, Cesar A. Sciammarella and Luciano Lamberti Editor: Natan T. Shaked Chapter 18 Fluorescence phase microscopy Alberto Bilenca, Brett Bouma, Guillermo Tearney, Iwan Marki, Noelia Bocchio, Stefan Geissbuehler and Theo Lasser Editor: Natan T. Shaked


ISBN-13: 9780124158863
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 432

Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering, General Issues