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Beyond Psychotherapy
Introduction to Psychoenergetic Healing
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Main description:

"Beyond Psychotherapy: Introduction to Pychoenergetic Healing" shows you how to work effectively with healing energies to heal...

Body, mind, and spirit
Past or present life trauma
Anxiety, anger, addictions, depression
Pain and other physical complaints
Relationship issues
Past and present experiences
Spiritual crises

You will learn about the theoretical foundations of energy healing, specific techniques and applications, and the risks and benefits of becoming a healer. Clearly and concisely written, Beyond Psychotherapy offers profound and practical information for anyone interested in energy-based healing methods. This book also is the textbook for students of Psychoenergetic Healing.


About the Authors
Psychoenergetic Healing: A Brief Introduction

PART I: Metaphysical Foundations of Psychoenergetic Healing
Chapter 1: Fundamental Premises
Chapter 2: The Multidimensional Nature of Human Beings
Chapter 3: The Grand Scheme, Reincarnation, and Karma
Chapter 4: Co-creation and Manifestation
Chapter 5: Toward a New Paradigm of Healing

PART II: The Practice of Psychoenergetic Healing
Chapter 6: The Nature of Inner Space
Chapter 7: The Structure of Psychoenergetic Healing Sessions
Chapter 8: A Sample Session
Chapter 9: Accessing Inner Space
Chapter 10: Navigating Inner Space
Chapter 11: Typical Perceptions in Inner Space
Chapter 12: Simple and Crystallized Energy Blocks
Chapter 13: How to Deal with Energy Blocks
Chapter 14: Specific Techniques to Facilitate Healing
Chapter 15: Closure and Integration
Chapter 16: Homework and Aftercare
Chapter 17: Specific Applications of Psychoenergetic Healing
Chapter 18: Absentee Healing of Others and of Extended Situations
Chapter 19: Healing of Relationships
Chapter 20: The Issue of Psychic Hygiene
Chapter 21: Miscellaneous Topics
Chapter 22: Complementary Healing Techniques
PART III: Becoming a Psychoenergetic Healer
Chapter 23: Training in Psychoenergetic Healing
Chapter 24: Risks and Benefits of Becoming an Energetic Healer
Chapter 25: The Process of Transformation and Change

Appendix A: Energy Psychology – A Synopsis
Appendix B: Reading Suggestions
Appendix C: Other Books by the Authors


ISBN-13: 9781456602147
Publisher: Ingrams (eBookIt.com)
Publication date: July, 2012
Pages: 233

Subcategories: Psychotherapy