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Basic Introduction to Bioelectromagnetics
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Completely revised and updated, "Basic Introduction to Bioelectromagnetics" facilitates the process of interdisciplinary research by introducing life scientists to the basic concepts of electromagnetic fields. This new edition outlines elements of EM that are helpful to life scientists working with physicists and electrical engineers. Each concept is presented with an associated application and discussion. Example applications include MRI, NMR, ultrasound, hyperthermia, neural stimulation, and cardiac pacing/defibrillation. With the liberal use of diagrams and graphs, this text covers the entire frequency spectrum through optical frequencies from a qualitative perspective beneficial to life scientists.


Electric and Magnetic Fields: Basic Concepts Electric Field Concepts Magnetic Field Concepts Sources of Electric Fields (Maxwell's Equations) Sources of Magnetic Fields (Maxwell's Equations) Electric and Magnetic Field Interactions with Materials Other Electromagnetic Field Definitions Waveforms Used in Electromagnetics Sinusoidal EM Functions Root Mean Square or Effective Values Wave Properties in Lossless Materials Boundary Conditions for Lossless Materials Complex Numbers in Electromagnetics (the Phasor Transform) Wave Properties in Lossy Materials Boundary Conditions for Lossy Materials Energy Absorption Electromagnetic Behavior as a Function of Size and Wavelength Electromagnetic Dosimetry EM Behavior When the Wavelength Is Large Compared to the Object Size Low-Frequency Approximations Fields Induced in Objects by Incident E Fields in Free Space E Field Patterns for Electrode Configurations Electrodes for Reception and Stimulation in the Body Fields Induced in Objects by Incident B Fields in Free Space E Field Patterns for In Vitro Applied B Fields Measurement of Low-Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields EM Behavior When the Wavelength Is About the Same Size as the Object Waves in Lossless Media Wave Reflection and Refraction Waves in Lossy Media Transmission Lines and Waveguides Resonant Systems Antennas Diffraction Measurement of Mid-Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields EM Behavior When the Wavelength Is Much Smaller Than the Object Ray Propagation Effects Total Internal Reflection and Fiber Optic Waveguides Propagation of Laser Beams Scattering from Particles Photon Interactions with Tissues X-Rays Measurement of High-Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields (Light) Bioelectromagnetic Dosimetry Polarization Electrical Properties of the Human Body Human Models Energy Absorption (SAR) Extrapolating from Experimental Animal Results to Those Expected in Humans Numerical Methods for Bioelectromagnetic Stimulation Electromagnetic Regulations Electromagnetics in Medicine: Today and Tomorrow Fundamental Potential and Challenges Hyperthermia for Cancer Therapy Magnetic Effects Proposed Bioelectromagnetic Effects Emerging Bioelectromagnetic Applications Appendices Index


ISBN-13: 9781420055436
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: January, 2009
Pages: 288
Dimensions: 178.00 x 254.00 x 23.00

Subcategories: General Issues, Physiology