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Autism and its Medical Management
A Guide for Parents and Professionals
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Main description:

Autism and its Medical Management explains the medical aspects of autism and how both parents and professionals can use current medical knowledge to better understand how to address the medical aspects of autism. The book begins with an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and how they are diagnosed, and goes on to identify the different types of autism and to describe relevant medical interventions. The author also provides an outline of recent research to enable parents and professionals to gain an understanding of the various factors that may contribute to the development of ASDs, as well as the latest available treatment options. Bridging the communication gap between medical professionals and parents, this book offers accessible explanations of medical terminology and treatment relevant to ASDs and is an important tool for parents and professionals working with children with ASDs.


Preface. Introduction and Reader Guide. Part I: Autism Overview 1. What is Normal Development and Does My Child Have Autism? 2. Understanding the Diagnosis of Autism. Part II: Definitions 3. Defining the Clinical Aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorders. 4. What Type of Autistic Spectrum Disorder Does My Child Have? (Non-Regressive Autism, Regressive Autism Syndromes, Asperger's Subtype, Secondary ASD). 5. Current Recommendations For Medical Evaluation of ASDs. 6. The Role of Medical Laboratory Diagnostic Testing in Autism Diagnosis. 7. Neuroanatomy and Neuroimaging in ASDs. 8. Electroencephalography (EEG): The Relationship of Epilepsy or Epileptic Activity in ASDs. 9. Genetics. Part III: Theories On Autism Spectrum Disorders 10. Are Autism Spectrum Disorders Increasing And Why? 11. Vaccinations, Mercury, And Autism.12. Immunology and Autoimmunity: Is There a Relationship to ASD? 13. Theories on a Prenatal Cause of Autism Chapter. 14. Alternative Medicine Theories on Autism. Part IV: Treating Autistic Spectrum Disorders 15. Overview of Treatment of Autism. 16. Picking A Physician. 17. Non-Medically Sanctioned Alternative Groups Promoting Therapy for Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Gluten Casein Sensitivity. 18. Overview of Medicines For Autism: No Cure But Symptomatic Treatments Can Help. Part V: Neurologically Managing Clinical Aspects of ASD With Medication 19. Medicines Prescribed for Behavioral Problems in ASD. 20. Treating EEG Abnormalities and Epilepsy in ASD. 21. Immunological Medical Therapy in Autism. 22. Gastrointestinal Issues and Autism Spectrum Disorders. 23. Medications for Core Symptoms of Language and Behavior. 24. Rational Approach to Medical Treatment of Autistic Patients: Case Studies. Appendix 1: Chapter Notes and References. Appendix 2: Glossary. Appendix 3: Resources. Index.


ISBN-13: 9781846427947
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication date: October, 2009
Pages: 224

Subcategories: Psychiatry, Psychology