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Alice Street
A Memoir
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Main description:

"Alice Street" recounts how Valeriote was born at the sunset of good times and the dawn of hard ones. His mother's fifteenth child, he grew up in an Italian Catholic family on a street full of proud families and a multitude of languages and backgrounds. From being packed into the local church, to working and borrowing his way through medical school at McGill while surviving several severe illnesses, to his very successful career as a doctor in California, his story is entwined with those of everyone from foundry workers to foreign ambassadors. A warm and informative look at the challenging journey made by so many, "Alice Street" is a testament to the strength and character needed to make it through tumultuous times.


FAMILY ALBUM PART I * THE WARD 1 Born at the Dawn of Hard Times; 2 Justice and Injustice; 3 The Fortunate Disaster; 4 My Second Encounter with Death; 5 Lessons about Money; 6 My One and Only Hunting Lesson; 7 My Mother and My Feet PART I I * UPHILL ALL THE WAY 8 Jackhammers and Pancakes; 9 Love Walks In; 10 Formaldehyde and Faux Pas; 11 My Money Mission; 12 A Year in "the San" PART I I I * DR VALERIOTE 13 My Year before the Mast; 14 Following the Sun


ISBN-13: 9780773585157
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Publication date: February, 2010
Pages: 176
Dimensions: 147.00 x 244.00 x 14.00

Subcategories: General Practice