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A Theory and Treatment of Your Personality
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The Process Healing Method
If you ever wanted to understand the development and operation of the personality, The Theory and Treatment of Your Personality: A manual for change is a book for you. It's ahead of its time because it redefines many psychological terms to simplify understanding the development and operation of the personality.
By using what appears to be a natural development of personality dynamics from conception to adulthood, concepts such as memory, subconscious, unconscious, dissociation, trauma, personality parts, and repression are brought alive in a meaningful way. Because this is a memory-based model, the unfolding of behavior and the development of the personality is easy to understand. Memory based symptoms such as phobias, anger, anxiety, confusion, depression, and auditory and sensory intrusions are easy to identify and treat.
By reading the book, you will learn to communicate with your subconscious using unique finger responses. While this is not always easy, examples of dialogue are given to resolve any barrier that is preventing communication with the subconscious or the treatment of an issue. When all aspects of your personality are on a treatment team and with the team's approval, your subconscious will be taught a method to treat any problematic issue you have. Your subconscious then becomes both the healing agent and an ally to help you to problem-solve difficult issues. Timesaving treatment interventions, as well as examples of problem-solving strategies, are given to help you meet your treatment objectives. This experimental treatment method is usually very effective for treating dissociative identify disorders
This self-help book teaches a powerful, safe, respectful, painless, self-help treatment method. It is presented in a format suitable for both the interested reader and professionals. Owning and reading this book could make a difference in your life.


ISBN-13: 9781456600976
Publisher: Ingrams (eBookIt.com)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: None

Subcategories: Psychology