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101 Uses for Stinging Nettles
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Main description:

Stinging nettles are, for many of us, nothing more than persistent weeds with a painful sting. But apart from having an important role in the web of life, nettles are an incredibly useful plant to mankind. They have been put to myriad uses by our ancestors, and many of these are still valid today. Already stinging nettle products are growing in popularity in the field of alternative medicine, as their wide range of health benefits becomes better known.

This unique book explores the diverse uses of this fascinating plant - in the garden and the kitchen, for their medical and fibrous properties and so on. It is packed with practical suggestions, as well as a guide to the botany of stinging nettles, and how to collect and store them. For example, you will discover how to use nettles to:

make a liquid plant fertiliser
brew an unusual beer
make a dandruff treatment
protect beehives
flavour an omelette
make friendship bracelets
repel flies naturally
make green or yellow fabric dyes
keep yourself warm in the winter
and much more ...

The many health benefits of taking nettles in various forms include relief from: hay fever and other allergies; acne and other skin conditions; arthritis and rheumatism; asthma; stress; high blood pressure; depression; enlarged prostate gland.

The book also features Digital Nettle Art!


ISBN-13: 9781905843008
Publisher: Ingrams (Wildeye)
Publication date: May, 2006
Pages: None

Subcategories: Complementary Medicine