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101 + Careers in Public Health, Second Edition
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Main description:

With the changing and evolving landscape of health services delivery and care, including the implementation of the ACA, careers in public health are exploding. This updated and revised edition of 101 + Careers in Public Health, Second Edition provides an extensive overview of the numerous career options, some you may never have heard of, in public health and the many different roads to get there. This book will help you plan your education so you can get the job you want. And if you decide, now or later, that you want to change careers, this book will help you see where you can apply the skills you already have.


* Preface* Part I: Introduction to Public Health* Chapter 1: What is Public Health?* Chapter 2: Education in Public Health* Chapter 3: Finding Jobs in Public Health* Part II: Public Health Careers* Chapter 4: Infectious Disease* Chapter 5: Chronic Disease and Cancer* Chapter 6: Public Safety* Chapter 7: Maternal and Child Health* Chapter 8: Pharmaceuticals and Drug Safety* Chapter 9: Environmental Health and Water Safety* Chapter 10: Occupational Health and Safety* Chapter 11: Food Safety and Nutrition* Chapter 12: Disaster Preparedness and Response* Chapter 13: Health Communication* Chapter 14: Teaching and Education* Chapter 15: Health Disparities, Vulnerable Groups, and At-Risk Populations* Chapter 16: Mental Health* Chapter 17: Public Health Law, Regulations, and Policies* Chapter 18: Evaluation, Safety, and Quality* Chapter 19: Nonprofit Organizations* Chapter 20: Administration and Leadership* Chapter 21: Public Health Careers in the Military* Chapter 22: Global Public Health* Chapter 23: Off the Beaten Path


ISBN-13: 9780826195999
Publisher: Springer (Springer Publishing Co Inc)
Publication date: December, 2015
Pages: 400

Subcategories: General Practice, Public Health