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Comparative Effectiveness Research in Health Services
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Main description:

The Handbook of Health Services Research is a reference for all aspects of the field of health services and outcomes research. It addresses the increasing need for comprehensive, yet balanced, information in a field that welcomes various disciplines: medicine, public health, statistics, economics, management, policy and information technology. This well-organized reference is an indispensable source of information for everyone who seeks to develop understanding of health systems and to learn about historical, political, and socioeconomic factors that influence health policies at the global, national, regional and local level. Specifically, the Handbook helps readers: Recognize core concepts of health services and outcomes research, such as, need, access, equity, quality and safety; Become familiar with social, political, organizational, behavioral and economic theories that have influenced health systems designs; Learn about frameworks developed for evaluating the organization, financing, delivery, utilization and outcomes of health services; Get an introduction to methods of comparative effectiveness research, program evaluation, health technology assessment and health economics; Identify types and sources of data appropriate for generating valid and reliable information about the delivery of health services; Learn about strengths and weaknesses of various research designs used to study health services and policy issues. The online version of the Handbook of Health Services Research is in the format of a dynamically updated knowledge base, offering search tools, cross-referencing across chapters and linking to supplement data, other major reference works and external articles. The Handbook of Health Services Research is accessible at the level of graduate students even if it is not their focus area. This includes students with various backgrounds: medicine, public health, statistics, economics, management or information technology.


Collates current thinking on how best to deliver health care from multiple disciplines

Familiarizes readers with core concepts & theories of health services, including data types

Presents a timely summation of the entire field of health services research

Represents the work of leading international authors, editors & advisory board experts


Applications of Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Comparative Effectiveness Research and Health Reform in the USA.- Comparative Effectiveness Research and Priority Setting.- Comparative Effectiveness Research in Developing Countries: Example of Brazil.- Comparative Effectiveness Research in Health Technology Assessment.- Comparative Effectiveness Research: Overview.- Comparing Drug and Non-Drug Technologies in Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Costs in Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Coverage with Evidence Development in Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Dissemination of Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Ethical Frameworks and Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Evidence-Based Medicine and Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Implementation Science and Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Incorporating Patient and Public Input for Treatment in Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Indirect Comparisons and Network Meta-Analysis in Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Individualization of Treatment and Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Innovation and Comparative Effectiveness Research.- National Approaches to Comparative Effectiveness Research.- New Statistical Methods of Combining Results in Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Patient-Centred Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Sources of Data for Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis in Comparative Effectiveness Research.- Traditional and Innovative Study Designs in Comparative Effectiveness Research.


ISBN-13: 9781489976017
Publisher: Springer (Springer US)
Publication date: December, 2016
Pages: 500
Availability: Not yet available
Subcategories: General Practice


Professor Boris Sobolev is a Senior Scientist at the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation and a faculty member at the UBC School of Public and Population Health. Since 2003, Prof. Sobolev is a Canada Research Chair in Statistics and Modeling for Health Care. In 2004/05 Boris was a Peter Wall Early Career Scholar and currently he is a Faculty Associate at the UBC Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies serving on its Adjudication Committee.

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